#BlogAhead2016 ~ Blogging in October!

I love blogging, contrary to what my readers may think, due in part to my spectacular lack of blogging throughout 2016. This year has been crazy and while I am not holding my breath that things will slow down to a respectable pace (I’m not sure I want them to!) I am trying to do what I can to keep writing, promoting and blogging.

Enter an awesome challenge for the month of October called Blog Ahead.


The goal of Blog Ahead is to use the month of October to work ahead and increase future blog posts by 30. I’m beginning October with just two, yes, two measly scheduled posts. My goal is to have at least 32 posts scheduled for future use by the end of the challenge on Oct. 31.

Are you a blogger too? Want to take part in the challenge, or just cheer someone on? Feel free to leave me a comment and/or visit the other bloggers taking part in Blog Ahead. http://www.herdingcats-burningsoup.com/2016/08/Blog-Ahead-Sign-Up-2016.html

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