Mid-Week Tease an Excerpt from Tropical Heat

It’s Wednesday. Hump day. The middle of the week. I’m taking part in the Mid-Week Tease this week.

It’s been a while since I participated in this weekly hop, but I’m glad to be back, nonetheless!

Read on for my tease and be sure to visit the other blogs in this week’s hop, link at the bottom of this post.

They have one night together, but that night promises to be as steamy as the tropical heat of Jamaica…

Rayne Willows is an artist from the Pacific Northwest looking to shake up her boring life. A trip to Jamaica sounds like the perfect way to let loose and rekindle her passion for photography. When she meets local man Marcus Greene on the beach in Ocho Rios, sparks immediately fly. Marcus offers to show Rayne around his beautiful hometown, but during the sightseeing tour, the two quickly realize the passion they have for each other can’t be held back. They decide to make their one night together a sexy experience neither of them is likely to forget.

“This is a statue of Marcus Garvey, he was a famous Jamaican political leader,” Marcus said. “I’m named after him,” he said and smiled with pride.

“Really? That’s amazing,” I replied while reading the plaque at the base of the statue. Or I had been reading it, until Marcus put his hand on the inscription and began to finger the lettering.

I watched his fingers move over the words. All evening I’d been enraptured by how sensual they were. I’d barely been able to finish my food as I’d watched him use deft fingers to pull the flesh of a chicken from the bone. He wrapped those luscious lips around the pad of his finger and lightly sucked, making sure all the essence got onto his taste buds. How I’d love to take those digits into my mouth and lavish all ten of them with my tongue.

I flushed at the thought. I had to stop, at least for the moment. There was a heat wave going on inside my body, so I turned the glossy pages of a sight-seeing pamphlet into a fan. The soft breeze stirred the filmy material on the neck-line of my sundress.

“Americans,” he said with a smirk when he saw me fanning myself. “This Caribbean heat is too much for you, eh?” Marcus asked, his caramel-colored eyes following the movement of my fan.

Oh, if only he knew my discomfort had nothing to do with the Jamaican weather and everything to do with a certain Jamaican man.

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Fall Into Romance Blog Hop

Fall Into Romance! Share the romances that had you falling in love with the genre! Or the ones that keep you smitten! Stop by each blog for new recommendations and giveaways!


The books I’ve swooned over this fall (so far) are Loving Amber by Roya Carmen, a second chance love story filled with angst, and the Stage Dive series by Kylie Scott, a steamy rom-com series about rock stars and the women who have fallen for them.

I hope readers will fall in love with my latest release, the first book (a stand alone story) in The Game of Love Series.

love-tko-kobo-coverWhen Frankie ends up in a penthouse condo on Miami Beach, she hopes the lavish surroundings will make up for the fact that she’s pulling maid of honor duty for her best friend’s wedding. As an undefeated boxer, she’s no stranger to challenge, yet none of her previous challenges have tested her strength—or her patience—quite like the cocky best man, Gabe.

Even though the two of them butt heads instantly, when a wedding snafu strikes they put aside their differences and pretend to “play nice” for the sake of the bride. Soon, Frankie becomes swept up in their lie and starts to see Gabe in a different light. After spending one afternoon together, it becomes clear their initial dislike of each other has transformed into intense sexual tension.

When the two give into their attraction, the lines between what’s real and what’s an act become irreparably blurred. Frankie can’t help but wonder if she and Gabe have simply allowed themselves to become consumed by the romantic wedding atmosphere. Can Frankie let go of her resistance to him or will falling fast and hard for the best man prove to be her toughest fight yet?

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I’m giving away one copy of my short romance Special Delivery, to be entered to win, leave me a comment with your email address.

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#BlogAhead2016 ~ Blogging in October!

I love blogging, contrary to what my readers may think, due in part to my spectacular lack of blogging throughout 2016. This year has been crazy and while I am not holding my breath that things will slow down to a respectable pace (I’m not sure I want them to!) I am trying to do what I can to keep writing, promoting and blogging.

Enter an awesome challenge for the month of October called Blog Ahead.


The goal of Blog Ahead is to use the month of October to work ahead and increase future blog posts by 30. I’m beginning October with just two, yes, two measly scheduled posts. My goal is to have at least 32 posts scheduled for future use by the end of the challenge on Oct. 31.

Are you a blogger too? Want to take part in the challenge, or just cheer someone on? Feel free to leave me a comment and/or visit the other bloggers taking part in Blog Ahead. http://www.herdingcats-burningsoup.com/2016/08/Blog-Ahead-Sign-Up-2016.html