Back in the Talk Nerdy to Me World – Writing Update

I took most of the fall and winter off from writing, but just as the flowers and trees are starting to bloom, my writing is also blossoming. Last week I completed my outline for book four in the Talk Nerdy to Me series, called Nerdy Minds. I’ve gotten into the manuscript and even though it’s just the beginning I am loving creating this story!

It feels good not just to be writing again, but to be submerged in the Nerdvana world again.

If you’re new here, first, welcome! Second, I write contemporary romance and since 2020, I’ve been working hard on writing and releasing books in a series called Talk Nerdy to Me, a six book romance series set in a Pacific Northwest geek-themed bar.

Nerdy Minds is the story of bartender Sara and customer Derek. Sara is a fangirl who loves to ship her favorite characters and Derek works at video game company 1UP and is the host of his own podcast dedicated to geeky pop culture. You just know these two are an epic match, if they can overcome their obstacles and let love takeover.

Stay tuned for more writing updates, and in the meantime, if you’re interested in learning more about the Nerdvana world, read the series blurb below!

Talk Nerdy to Me series blurb

Imagine a bar where the wait staff dress up like their favorite comic book characters, where drinks are served in chemical beakers, where patrons can play a round of Dungeons and Dragons or other table-top role-playing games. Picture how fun it would be to hang with friends in big booths and play video games while sipping on an awesome craft beer. Imagine watching people in a glass enclosed room acting out dramas from their favorite live action role playing story lines. Imagine there’s a space for the folks who want to enjoy a drink while perusing their favorite comic books. 

All of that and more await the patrons of the city of Cascade Falls, Washington’s newest watering hole, the ultra-hip, geek-themed bar called Nerdvana. Talk Nerdy to Me is a series set around the romances that blossom between sexy, geeky heroes and sassy, smart heroines who meet in the geek-themed bar.

Book one Nerdy Words , book two Nerdy Thoughts, and book three Nerdy Deeds, out now! Book four, Nerdy Minds, out late summer 2023!

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