Back in the Talk Nerdy to Me World – Writing Update

I took most of the fall and winter off from writing, but just as the flowers and trees are starting to bloom, my writing is also blossoming. Last week I completed my outline for book four in the Talk Nerdy to Me series, called Nerdy Minds. I’ve gotten into the manuscript and even though it’s just the beginning I am loving creating this story!

It feels good not just to be writing again, but to be submerged in the Nerdvana world again.

If you’re new here, first, welcome! Second, I write contemporary romance and since 2020, I’ve been working hard on writing and releasing books in a series called Talk Nerdy to Me, a six book romance series set in a Pacific Northwest geek-themed bar.

Nerdy Minds is the story of bartender Sara and customer Derek. Sara is a fangirl who loves to ship her favorite characters and Derek works at video game company 1UP and is the host of his own podcast dedicated to geeky pop culture. You just know these two are an epic match, if they can overcome their obstacles and let love takeover.

Stay tuned for more writing updates, and in the meantime, if you’re interested in learning more about the Nerdvana world, read the series blurb below!

Talk Nerdy to Me series blurb

Imagine a bar where the wait staff dress up like their favorite comic book characters, where drinks are served in chemical beakers, where patrons can play a round of Dungeons and Dragons or other table-top role-playing games. Picture how fun it would be to hang with friends in big booths and play video games while sipping on an awesome craft beer. Imagine watching people in a glass enclosed room acting out dramas from their favorite live action role playing story lines. Imagine there’s a space for the folks who want to enjoy a drink while perusing their favorite comic books. 

All of that and more await the patrons of the city of Cascade Falls, Washington’s newest watering hole, the ultra-hip, geek-themed bar called Nerdvana. Talk Nerdy to Me is a series set around the romances that blossom between sexy, geeky heroes and sassy, smart heroines who meet in the geek-themed bar.

Book one Nerdy Words , book two Nerdy Thoughts, and book three Nerdy Deeds, out now! Book four, Nerdy Minds, out late summer 2023!

Midweek Morsel – Good With His Hands – Sexy Kissing Scene

It’s Wednesday, Hump Day, that midweek slump. Today I’m sharing a short scene from my novella Good With His Hands, a small town romance with a hunky mechanic hero. I hope you enjoy the excerpt!


Every woman wants a man who is good with his hands…

book cover with shirtless man in foreground with hot rod vehicle in background

He’s a sexy bad boy mechanic with a reputation. She’s a guarded reporter with too much to lose to play with fire. She tries to resist him but one touch from him changes everything. 

Recent college graduate Gabby Richards has big plans for her life. At the top of those plans is landing a job for a major magazine in Chicago. While Gabby is busy mapping out her career as a journalist, her father gets seriously injured. Upon hearing of his accident, Gabby drops everything, including her career plans, and heads home to her small, rural town of Clear Lake, but vows to return to Chicago as soon as her father is well.

On her first day back in her hometown she has a run-in with the town’s sexy new mechanic, Jake Harrison, and meeting him turns everything upside-down. Despite her wishes to remain single, she doesn’t see the harm in going on a few dates with him. Soon Jake is helping Gabby confront her past and bringing out a side of her that has remained hidden for years. Even though she wants to remain focused on her career and return to her city life, she begins to wonder if it’s possible to have it all—career, her dream life in Chicago, and Jake Harrison.


She pulled the truck onto a side street and turned back toward Jake’s garage. Knowing town gossip could be voracious she pulled behind the service station and parked. The bay doors in front of the business were closed, so she knocked on the side door that led into the large repair area.

Jake opened the door and her gaze traveled the length of his torso. He wasn’t wearing a shirt. Apparently she’d interrupted him as he was changing into his work uniform. If he looked good with his clothes on, the man was even sexier without them. His muscular chest and shoulders were covered in tattoos. The low light inside the garage caused the silver hoop in his right nipple to gleam.

“Hey,” she said softly. Her mouth watered and she forgot the apology she’d been rehearsing in her mind. 


He took a step back so she could walk in. His gaze flicked over her face and he reached out for her hair, letting a few of the strands slip through his fingers. She walked toward him, closing the distance between them. His mouth was on hers in an instant. A low purring sound emitted from her throat as he breached her lips with his tongue.

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Do You Want to Be Creative, Or Do You Want Attention?

Recently I was scrolling on YouTube, as one does, and a suggested video popped up in my feed. The video was a TED talk by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I’m not one to sit and watch TED talks, but the title of this video intrigued me, plus it was a short talk, so I thought why not?

In the talk, Joseph chats about how craving attention, which is a natural human desire, actually makes you less creative. The reasoning behind the argument is that when you’re making something with the intent of gaining attention, you tend to be more outcome focused, rather than remaining in the open, receptive state you need to be in to create.

Joseph speaks from personal experience both from an example from childhood and how as an adult his attention seeking can interfere with how he shows up online. This talk really hit home with me because for the past year or so, I’ve been reluctant to post consistently on social media.

And it stems from not wanting to put my focus, which I believe is best served fostering my creativity, on trying to gain followers. I realize that a writer needs readers, at least in theory, but I’m not writing to gain readers. I write for me, because I’m a writer, and that’s what I do.

If you create, no matter what you create, I hope you do it just for you, because it brings you joy, peace, and a sense of fulfillment. Don’t do it to get eyes on it, because that will always lead you to a place of emptiness, turmoil, and a feeling of not being enough.

Sending loads of love and creativity your way!

Midweek Morsel – Nerdy Words – Meet Cute Scene

It’s Wednesday, Hump Day, that midweek slump. Today I’m adding some zing to your week by sharing an excerpt from book one in the Talk Nerdy to Me series, Nerdy Words (which is on sale for 25% off at Smashwords until March 11!).

 Talk Nerdy to Me is a book series set in a nerd-themed bar in the Pacific Northwest where the staff and customers end up falling in love over drinks, larping, comic books, and video games.


When Olivia Sands walks into the hottest bar in Cascade Falls, she’s swept away by the cosplayers, gamers, and larpers. The atmosphere at Nerdvana is truly a haven for geeks, and Olivia can picture herself spending every weekend at the nerd-themed hangout. Or at least, she could before she finds out the bar’s owner is none other than Dustin Bradshaw, her first crush and the man who fled her life with no explanation four summers ago. 

Of course, the years have done nothing to eliminate the magnetic pull between them, and now that they’re thrown together again they’re helpless to fight their attraction. Between working on her bespoke costume business Cosplaymates, attending grad school, and planning her future, Olivia doesn’t have time for dating. But Dustin will stop at nothing to finally make her his, once and for all.

Nerdy Words is book one in Talk Nerdy to Me, a series centering around the romances that blossom between bar staff and customers at Nerdvana.


“Okay, I think I finally get why this place is called Nerdvana. It’s like a damn nerd wet dream in here.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

At the sound of the deep male voice close to me I jumped, nearly dropping my beaker in the process. I turned my head to address the speaker but had to drag my eyes up at least a foot to look him in the face. Once I met his stare, my mouth wouldn’t work anyway.

Momentarily stunned by his arresting pale blue irises, I opened and shut my mouth several times before any sound would finally come out. It’d been several years, but I’d never forget that face. I started to greet him, but he broke eye contact.

Before I could string together enough syllables to form a coherent sentence, he turned his attention to Jamie. It figured. Between her sparkling personality and brown almond-shaped eyes men—and women— constantly hit on Jamie. The fact that she was a D-cup probably didn’t hurt her chances either. But still, I wished the spark of recognition I’d felt when our eyes had connected had gone both ways. Of course, maybe he just didn’t recognize me. I’d changed a lot since that summer.

“Are you Jamie? My business partner let me know she gave you an impromptu interview earlier. I’m Dustin Bradshaw,” he told her and thrust his hand out toward her.

Dustin Bradshaw.

As if I could ever forget that name. I dropped my gaze to their clasped hands. It was only a professional handshake, nothing more, but I felt like an idiot, just standing on the sidelines watching the two of them. I shifted my gaze to the ink on the outside of Dustin’s right forearm. In what looked to be an homage to the original 1UP gaming system, he sported a tattoo of the gray square controller on his flesh. My brother was a gamer and I had to appreciate the details of Dustin’s tattoo. The depiction of the controller was accurate down to the twin green circles and blue cross-shaped button. Seeing it made memories come back in a rush.

I’d used my fingertip to trace the details of that tattoo on a warm summer night four years ago. God damn it, why was I thinking about what had happened between us when he hadn’t even bothered to spare a second glance at me? All this clearly one-sided reminiscing made me uncomfortable, like every inch of my skin was exposed under a microscope. The fact that Dustin hadn’t acknowledged me made it all that much worse. I wanted to run from this bar like the building was on fire. Of course, I wouldn’t.

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Midweek Morsel – Marital Bonds – Steamy Burlesque Scene

It’s Wednesday, Hump Day, that midweek slump. Today I’m adding some heat to your week by sharing an excerpt from my short story Marital Bonds.

A hot, emotional read about a husband and wife who find their way back to one another.


After three years of struggling, I’m tired. I miss my husband. I miss our intimacy.

Three years ago tragedy struck and destroyed our sex life. It nearly ruined our marriage.

Thanks to help from a sensuality coach, I’ve got three assignments to act out with my husband, each designed to help us find our way back to each other and reignite the flame on our once searing sex life.


I walk onto the brightly lit stage and peer into the blackness where an audience should be. My heightened nerves are frazzled, but the first strain of the sultry song comes across the sound system. As if it’s automatic, my body sways in response. 

My high-heeled shoes glide across the lacquered floor. I toss a sultry look at the audience, knowing my husband is out there, watching me. Adrenaline rushes through me as I realize he could be one of many watching—or he could be the only other person in this room—not knowing is part of the challenge. It’s part of the thrill. 

I shimmy my shoulders and let the sequins on the low-cut bodice of my dress sparkle in the light. Swaying my hips, I strut to one side of the stage and then to the other. I treat the faceless, hypothetical audience on each side of the stage to jovial gyrations. 

Taking center stage again, I slowly reach behind me and unhook the straps of my halter dress. I let the straps fall forward, but clutch the garment at my chest. I don’t want to show too much just yet. This dance is about the tease, it’s about suspense. 

I swivel my hips in an exaggerated move to turn around. With my back to the audience, I let my dress fall to my waist. My bare back is exposed and I steal a glance over my shoulder, giving whoever may be watching me an impish grin as I push the dress down the curve of my hips until it slides past my legs and pools at my feet. I’m clad only in a bejeweled G-string, and I give a little wiggle of my ass to the audience.

Moving to the beat, I slowly turn. The champagne colored sequined pasties covering my nipples gleam in the light. Although no tassels are attached to the pasties, I shimmy, causing my breasts to move in a circular motion. Getting into the music and the atmosphere, I roll my body and drop to my knees.

The song is nearing its crescendo and I really want to let go, to get into this. And not just for the benefit of whoever may be watching me. The truth is there could be one hundred people out in the audience, and there could be just one person, my husband Eric. Or, there could be no one. The idea that I might be dancing alone in a darkened room doesn’t bother me. 

I could and should do this for myself. For no one else. I needed to let go. So I did.

Under the bright white spotlight, on my knees on the stage, I rock my hips and run my hands up the length of my body. Leaning back until my shoulders touch the floor, I gyrate my core, making my tits bounce in a circular motion. I let the shimmy infuse my whole body with erotic energy. 

My arms rise above my head and as the song comes to an end, I stop. I hold the position, on my knees with my arms extended above my head, my body perfectly still, save for the rapid rise and fall of my chest as I try to regain my breath.

The spotlight turns off and the room is plunged into total darkness. I raise my torso, but remain kneeling on the stage. Is he here? Does Eric want me to stay on my knees? Will he come to me or am I supposed to leave the stage and find him somewhere in this dark, unfamiliar room?

Suddenly another spotlight comes on. It’s smaller than the one that had illuminated the stage, the lighting softer. It shines on a single man, sitting at a table. A tumbler of scotch sits in front of him. 

The handsome dark-haired man dressed in all black makes my heartbeat accelerate. 


I rise to my feet and slowly, seductively make my way toward my husband. 

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Fangirling Hard Mocktail Recipe from Nerdy Words

When I set out to write the Talk Nerdy to Me series, I knew I wanted to include drink recipes in each book. But, as I thought about it further, I realized I didn’t know how to develop a cocktail recipe, since I don’t really consume liquor.

Then, I had a great idea that allowed me to create drink recipes, but that also made sense for the series. In the books, bartender extraordinaire, Jamie, talks about how she doesn’t drink because alcohol famously lowers inhibitions and her wild self needs no help in lowering inhibitions (I love her!). As a result, she creates a mocktail menu for Nerdvana that are not only alcohol free, but each drink has a moniker that’s fitting with the geek-theme of Nerdvana. Every one of Jamie’s mocktails are revealed in each book, and the recipes are dished here and on my social media.

Today, I’m excited to share another alcohol free drink recipe with you!

With the holiday season in full swing, I wanted to share the first mocktail recipe I created. It’s a great drink that’s familiar and perfect for celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Year’s Eve. I say it’s familiar, because really, it’s my take on a Shirley Temple. I chose to share this recipe at this time because cherries in a lemon-lime soda always remind me of Christmas and New Year’s. When I was a little girl, we tended to spend the week between Christmas and New Year’s at my grandparents’ house. And while all the adults were celebrating with grown up drinks, my grandma always made me feel special by mixing 7Up with cherries for me to drink.

It was with that fond memory that I made this drink recipe that is simple, but oh-so-tasty.

Fangirling Hard (Cherry Lemon-Lime)  Book 1, Nerdy Words


lemon-lime soda 

jarred maraschino cherries, plus the juice


Drop 1-2 cherries in a glass (preferably a pretty one, like a champagne flute), then fill with desired amount of soda. Top off with a few drops of the juice from the jarred cherries.  Enjoy!

Midweek Morsel – Wild Ride – Motorcycle Scene

It’s Wednesday, Hump Day, that midweek slump. Today I’m adding some zing to your week by sharing an excerpt from my short romance Wild Ride.

A good girl meets bad boy romance!

She’s in for one Wild Ride…


Fresh from being dumped for being too boring, shy and geeky Cynthia Goode decides to shake up her dull life by entering a provocative contest at a popular country western bar. She doesn’t win first prize at the Naughty Nightie mechanical bull riding contest, but she does win the attention of sexy biker Brody Cruz.

Living out what she thinks is a fantasy, she lets Brody take her home for a night she won’t forget.


She warmed, from his touch, his words and the way he was gazing at her. His stare moved from her eyes lower. She realized he was looking at her mouth and she fluttered her eyes closed and leaned into him. Cynthia was done pretending she didn’t want him. She so did. Brody brought his lips to hers and her breath caught in her throat. His mouth was warm, his kiss possessive and assured, unlike anything else she’d ever experienced. Her palms grew moist and she twisted the leather skirt in her hands as Brody plunged his fingers into her hair and tilted her head back. 

“I didn’t think I’d meet someone like you tonight.” His voice was a raspy whisper. He let her go, but their gazes held. 

The intensity of his stare made her feel vulnerable, but also aroused. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she’d meet a man like Brody tonight. Or any other night. She leaned against the wall for support and stepped into her skirt. 

“Let’s get you home.” He reached for her hand and pulled her toward the motorcycle parked near the front of the building. The big machine was black with lots of chrome that glinted in the lights of the parking lot. Brody hopped astride the bike and handed his helmet to her. “Put this on.”

“What will you wear?” She gnawed her lip. She hated taking his only helmet.

“Don’t worry about me. I’ve ridden countless times without a helmet. Mainly back when I was young and stupid like Eric.” He shrugged. 

She put it on and fastened it under her chin, but she had to ask for his help in adjusting the strap so it fit her. Hiking her skirt up her thighs, she straddled the big machine and sat on the seat behind Brody. He let go of the handlebars and turned to take both her hands in his. “Wrap your arms around me like this. Put your feet on those pegs. Hang on tight.”

She did as he told her, but gulped and nodded. If she wasn’t already tipsy, she was intoxicated now on the thrill of the situation. Brody kicked up the kickstand then rocked the bike and backed it out of the space. He turned the ignition and the powerful engine roared to life. The seat vibrated beneath her and Brody masterfully maneuvered the machine out of the parking lot. She wrapped her arms around his waist and buried her head against his shoulder. She clung to him. This was bound to be a wild ride.

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Talk Nerdy to Me Character Interview: Quinn

Nerdy Deeds Blurb

Quinn Whiteeagle, Nerdvana co-owner and burlesque performer, is falling for Jonah Stavropoulos, and that’s a huge problem. Not just because Jonah’s a customer and is developing the bar’s app. There’s something else about Jonah that makes a future with him a non-negotiable. It’s his dominant nature.

When it comes to Quinn, Jonah can’t help himself. He’ll forgo his safety, put himself in harm’s way, and make any sacrifice in order to have her in his life. Quinn resists his pursuit and that just makes him more determined to win her over.

After several dangerous encounters with a stalker, Quinn puts her pride and reservations aside and runs to Jonah’s waiting arms. He offers Quinn a safe place to stay, but makes no qualms about wanting to give her more than just temporary safety and shelter. Every protective instinct he has is activated and Jonah will fight like hell to keep Quinn in his life and in his care forever.Nerdy Deeds is book three in Talk Nerdy to Me, a series centering around the romances that blossom between bar staff and customers at Nerdvana.

Get Nerdy Deeds at Amazon USAmazon UKAmazon AUAmazon CAAppleB&NKobo.

Now on to the interview!

How did you get into performing burlesque?

It was something I fell into, as weird as that may sound. My brother is a stage performer and he encouraged me to try burlesque, and by encourage, I mean he dared me to do it. I can never back down from a dare from my older brother, so I signed up for an amateur night at a club in Seattle. Once I was up there performing, it awakened something in me. I realized I was a natural performer, but also that by donning costumes I was able to embrace parts of myself that I never showed to anyone.

Sounds like an empowering experience. Speaking of dressing up, I love your look. Were you always drawn to the pin-up style?

I grew up idolizing the glamorous Hollywood icons from the 40s and 50s. Once I started dressing up on stage, I realized how much I needed to look that way all the time. The pin-up look is my calling card, but it’s more than that. I call it my armor. My pompadour, red lips, and vintage clothing make me feel strong, like a total badass. Like I could lift a car off a baby if I had to. (laughs)

Switching gears a bit, I want to talk more about Nerdvana. The nerd-themed concept is awesome. Coming from performing, how did you get into the bar business?

Yes, the concept is awesome, and I can’t take credit for that, it’s all Dustin’s, my business partner, creation. I worked as a bartender for years and when Dustin announced he was launching this project, he invited me to join him. I of course jumped at the chance, but really, bartending is just another way to perform. The bar’s it’s own special type of stage.

I can see that being true, especially at Nerdvana. Do you have a favorite area of the bar?

We’re working on a new space, the lower level is going to be amazing. We’ll have a special drink list, a DJ spinning a few nights and it’s a private gaming space for RPG and Dungeons & Dragons tournies and groups.

The lower level sounds super fun! Last question, and it’s a personal one. How are things going with Jonah?

It’s like a fairy tale. And I feel a little sappy saying that, but it’s true. It feels good to both in the same place, plus he finally stopped leaving carbs laying out around me (laughs). I really love him.

On that romantic note, if you want to know more about any of the other characters in the Talk Nerdy to Me series, keep your eye out here for more interviews. And, of course the best way to get to know everyone at Nerdvana is to grab the books!

Book one, Nerdy Words, is out now. Get it at Amazon USAmazon UKAmazon AUAmazon CAAppleB&NKobo.

Find book two, Nerdy Thoughts, at Amazon USAmazon CAAmazon AU, and Amazon UKApple booksBarnes & NobleKobo.

Get book three, Nerdy Deeds at Amazon USAmazon UKAmazon AUAmazon CAAppleB&NKobo.

Safe Haven, a Short Story Set During Thanksgiving

I’m a sucker for short stories this time of year, mainly because I’m usually busy until after the holidays are over. And reading short stories allow me to take 10 minutes here and there to read a romance. My short story called Safe Haven, is set during Thanksgiving weekend and follows the story of two people who reunite at their hometown bar only to learn they each nursed a crush on the other during high school. Even though decades have passed, the two are still just as drawn to each other as they were as teenagers. This short story is 10,000 words, so it’s a quick read, and it’s only .99 cents. Read on for a snippet and the blurb!


When Roxanna Chase finds herself alone in her tiny hometown of Haven, Indiana on Thanksgiving eve, she decides to do the one thing she always swore she’d never do: attend Chatterfest, an unofficial high school reunion held every year the night before Thanksgiving at Haven’s busiest bar, The Watering Hole.

After a couple of cocktails and reminiscing with a classmate, Roxanna is overwhelmed, and a little turned on, when her old high school crush Nicholas Birch approaches her at the bar. He’s still as tall, broad-shouldered and sexy as he was thirty years ago. Since he’d dated her best friend in high school, Roxanna had always placed Nicholas in a box marked ‘hands off.’

When Nicholas admits he had feelings for Roxanna in high school, the two decide to leave the bar together and see what happens next. They quickly find that when old flames are rekindled, they can ignite into an inferno that refuses to burn out.


“I’ve wanted to do this since senior year,” Nicholas said before he placed a searing kiss on her lips.

Roxanna let out an involuntary moan when he gently parted her lips with his tongue. She wrapped her arms around his waist while their tongues mated and stroked. Placing her hands on his broad back, Roxanna tried to pull his muscular body toward her own. It felt like she couldn’t get close enough to him, as though she couldn’t get enough of him. As though sensing her urgency, Nicholas broke his mouth free from hers.

“It’s these clothes, they’re in the way,” he told her with a seductive wink.

He pushed her cardigan off her shoulders and down her arms, allowing her to pull the garment’s sleeves off her wrists. Her camisole came next. Nicholas eased it slowly over her head. When she was standing before him in only a bra, skirt and stockings, he reached down to caress the material of her brassiere between his thumb and index finger.

“This is almost too pretty to take off. Almost.”

Get Safe Haven for just .99 at digital book retailers.