It’s Time for Beach and Poolside Reads!

As soon as the month of May arrives, I start thinking about vacations and staycations. This year I have a couple planned, and of course I can’t think about my vacation without pondering what to read at the beach or poolside.

Photo courtesy of Barnyz, Creative Commons contributor.

Not only do I like to read light, fun romances, but I also like to write them. I’ve written a couple stories about falling in love while on a tropical holiday – Caribbean Caliente and Tropical Heat. But I also have a few stories that are just light-hearted and make for the perfect warm weather escape read, like Good With His Hands, (a small town blue collar hero romance) Wild Ride, (a good girl meets bad boy romance) and Special Delivery (a bachelor auction and curvy heroine romance).

Do you have a favorite trope or kind of story you like to read? Let me know in the comments or on Instagram.

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