Excerpt from Nerdy Deeds, Book Three in the Talk Nerdy to Me Series!

Nerdy Deeds drops in three weeks! Today I’m sharing the blurb and an excerpt from the book. Working on book three was so much fun and I really enjoyed the dynamic between Quinn and Jonah. If you want to know more, read the blurb and excerpt below.

Quinn Whiteeagle, Nerdvana co-owner and burlesque performer, is falling for Jonah Stavropoulos, and that’s a huge problem. Not just because Jonah’s a customer and is developing the bar’s app. There’s something else about Jonah that makes a future with him a non-negotiable. It’s his dominant nature.

When it comes to Quinn, Jonah can’t help himself. He’ll forgo his safety, put himself in harm’s way, and make any sacrifice in order to have her in his life. Quinn resists his pursuit and that just makes him more determined to win her over.

After several dangerous encounters with a stalker, Quinn puts her pride and reservations aside and runs to Jonah’s waiting arms. He offers Quinn a safe place to stay, but makes no qualms about wanting to give her more than just temporary safety and shelter. Every protective instinct he has is activated and Jonah will fight like hell to keep Quinn in his life and in his care forever.


When the opening strains of Wicked Games by The Weeknd started, I shifted in my seat. The woman on the stage moved her body in leisurely undulations in time to the slow, grinding beat. Quinn ran her hands down both sides of her body, letting her fingers skim the hemline of her black and silver dress. Her moves were deliberate, and they went along the lines of the song, full of raw emotion with a dark edge.

Her gaze connected with a few people sitting in the front row, and I was happy I’d taken a seat a few rows back and off to the side. I didn’t want her to know I was here. When Jamie, my favorite bartender at Cascade Falls’ geek-themed bar Nerdvana, had let it slip a few days ago that Quinn was a burlesque performer at Lettie’s Juke Joint, I knew I had to see her dance. I’d been flirting with Quinn for a couple months now. Or at least, I’d been trying to. She always regarded me seriously and shot me down.

But, watching her move on stage, I guess it made sense that her act was more angsty than playful. She unbuttoned her dress and slid it off one shoulder, then the other. The crowd let out hoots and whistles, myself included. Hell yeah. I wanted to see her take it off, obviously, but I was equally enraptured by the way she moved. She utterly commanded the stage, as if she were born to perform. The dress slid to the floor, but Quinn wrapped an arm around her breasts. My gaze roved over the slender waist and flare of her hips. When the lyrics of the song commanded to let me see you dance, she spun and rolled her body, tossing a sultry gaze over her shoulder at the audience. 

God damn. Her silver thong glittered under the stage lights, and I imagined what the plump globes of her ass would feel like filling my palms. I shifted in my seat. Shit, I was hard as a rock. Quinn turned again and lifted her arms above her head, rolling her hips. Her glorious breasts were covered in black pasties with silver tassels that gleamed in the lights. With an almost unnatural grace, she lifted her hands, placing a tassel in each, and tugged lightly while biting into her red lip. She let go and dropped to her knees. Leaning backward, she shimmied her shoulders in time to the beat, causing the tassels to spin in a circle. Damn, I was hypnotized. The song ended and Quinn stilled her body throwing her arms above her head then rising to her knees. She gazed at a few people in the audience and took the bills they offered. As Quinn gathered her dress from the floor, she walked off to the right, which was the side of the stage where I sat. Shit, I hoped she wouldn’t walk toward me. 

I watched as a man ambushed the edge of the stage. The guy was over six foot and massive, like he’d played linebacker in college. Quinn’s eyes grew large and I saw her mouth form a single word. 


So, she knew him? She didn’t look happy to see him here. He didn’t look happy either. His jaw was clenched and his fists were balled at his sides. What the fuck was this guy’s deal? I glanced at Lance’s mouth, reading his lips as he spoke to her. 

I’ll be outside, in the alley. Meet me there in five. I’m tired of you brushing me off, Quinn. And for God’s sake, put some fucking clothes on, you look like a painted whore.

My blood surged. This asshole. Where the hell did he get off saying something like that to her? I glanced at Quinn. She looked crestfallen, her gaze downcast, she nodded. How weird. I’d observed Quinn a lot in the past two months, and I’d never witnessed a reaction like this. She always projected confidence and carried herself in a way that let people know she had teeth and she wasn’t afraid to bite. This version of Quinn was odd. There was no way I was letting her meet this asshole outside alone. She scurried off the stage and Lance stalked away. I risked a glance at him as he passed by my table. Fury was clearly written across his face. Damn, I didn’t like this. Not one bit. I ran my hands across my face and wondered how to handle the situation. 

Get your hands on this scorching read on Tuesday, March 22, 2022!

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