Talk Nerdy to Me Character Interview: Olivia

Nerdy Words blurb

When Olivia Sands walks into the hottest bar in Cascade Falls, she’s swept away by the cosplayers, gamers, and larpers. The atmosphere at Nerdvana is truly a haven for geeks, and Olivia can picture herself spending every weekend at the nerd-themed hangout. Or at least, she could before she finds out the bar’s owner is none other than Dustin Bradshaw, her first crush and the man who fled her life with no explanation four summers ago.

Of course, the years have done nothing to eliminate the magnetic pull between them, and now that they’re thrown together again they’re helpless to fight their attraction. Between working on her bespoke costume business Cosplaymates, attending grad school, and planning her future, Olivia doesn’t have time for dating. But Dustin will stop at nothing to finally make her his, once and for all.

Nerdy Words is book one in Talk Nerdy to Me, a series centering around the romances that blossom between bar staff and customers at Nerdvana.

Now on to the interview!

So, you have a very unique career path, can you explain what you do?

Sure. I studied costume design and history, and now I’m a dramaturg. Basically, that means I work as a sort of researcher for directors, scriptwriters, and playwrights to ensure that historical details like dialog, clothing, and more are historically accurate. I love research work and putting things into historical context, so it was a natural choice for me.

That sounds interesting. Speaking of costuming, you have your own side business around that. What made you want to start Cosplaymates?

I’m just a hardcore costume nerd. I love coming up with different designs and seeing people embody characters.  

How did you get into costume design?

I’ve been a part of theater in some aspect since high school, either backstage or on the stage. It was an osmosis effect, really. Costumes, and even every day outfits, give us a chance to step out of our lives, or to play a part. 

What’s your favorite cosplay outfit?

To wear, I’d say female Indiana Jones. So far, my favorite cosplay outfit I’ve ever made is an extravagant Marie Antoinette costume. 

Last question, and it’s a personal one. You were super reluctant to date someone, but you are now. How is your relationship with Dustin?

It’s amazing. We both had some commitment issues to overcome, but we’re getting there day by day…and we’re excited to see what the future holds for us. 


On that very happy note, if you want to know more about any of the other characters in the Talk Nerdy to Me series, keep your eye out here for more interviews. And, of course the best way to get to know everyone at Nerdvana is to grab the books!

Book one, Nerdy Words, is out now. Get it at Amazon USAmazon UKAmazon AUAmazon CAAppleB&NKobo.

Find book two, Nerdy Thoughts, at Amazon USAmazon CAAmazon AU, and Amazon UKApple booksBarnes & NobleKobo.

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