Fangirling Over Yellowstone’s Angela Blue Thunder

Where are my Yellowstone fans at? I know the show is on hiatus right now, but I’m a major fan, and I’m not looking forward to the long wait to get new episodes. I’ve watched the show since episode one dropped way back in the summer of 2018. At that time I’d already written books 1-3 of the Talk Nerdy to Me Series, but I hadn’t published anything yet, and I was purposefully consuming episodic shows to study story and world-building. As a fan of storytelling, and the iconic landscape found in the American west, I was instantly hooked on the show.

I also love the way Taylor Sheridan has included strong female characters in the show (I love ALL the ladies, except those Buckle Bunnies Mia and Laramie, they seem to bring trouble wherever they go). What has also hooked me on this show is the cinematic way certain things are filmed, like the landscape scenes, and how relevant cultural elements are incorporated into the storylines. Yellowstone isn’t just about ranchers and cowboys, but also follows the story of some members of a fictional tribe of indigenous people in Montana (called Broken Rock). And one particularly interesting tribe member is a lawyer named Angela…and she’s a vibe.

Can we just talk about how much I love Angela Blue Thunder? I love her soft, slow, subtle don’t F with me delivery, her nuanced pin-up style, and her sharp mind. When I first saw Angela on my screen, I had instant heart palpitations because it was like I was looking at a near mirror image of Quinn from Nerdy Deeds, book three of the Talk Nerdy to Me Series. While Angela tends to dress in a modern style, with more neutral and earth tones, her look is very similar to Quinn. And hello, her hair and makeup is always on point! If you have read my character interview with Quinn, or read Nerdy Deeds, then you know that Quinn’s pompadour and glam, pin-up makeup are part of her “armor” and something she draws power from. If you’re an Angela fan like me, and you haven’t yet met Quinn, then you need to read this interview, and if it intrigues you, read the blurb below for Nerdy Deeds.

Nerdy Deeds Blurb

Quinn Whiteeagle, Nerdvana co-owner and burlesque performer, is falling for Jonah Stavropoulos, and that’s a huge problem. Not just because Jonah’s a customer and is developing the bar’s app. There’s something else about Jonah that makes a future with him a non-negotiable. It’s his dominant nature.

When it comes to Quinn, Jonah can’t help himself. He’ll forgo his safety, put himself in harm’s way, and make any sacrifice in order to have her in his life. Quinn resists his pursuit and that just makes him more determined to win her over.

After several dangerous encounters with a stalker, Quinn puts her pride and reservations aside and runs to Jonah’s waiting arms. He offers Quinn a safe place to stay, but makes no qualms about wanting to give her more than just temporary safety and shelter. Every protective instinct he has is activated and Jonah will fight like hell to keep Quinn in his life and in his care forever.Nerdy Deeds is book three in Talk Nerdy to Me, a series centering around the romances that blossom between bar staff and customers at Nerdvana.

Get Nerdy Deeds at Amazon USAmazon UKAmazon AUAmazon CAAppleB&NKobo.

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