I’m Back, Baby!

I took most of the summer off from social media, blogging and even writing. Technology, while convenient, can overwhelm me at times.

I spent most of June and all of July decompressing, catching up on my reading and only writing when I really, really wanted to. Yes, that philosophy flies in the face of conventional wisdom about writing. You know, the “wisdom” that says a real writer writes every day.

Forcing my creativity is not how I roll, so I took about eight weeks off to get things together and recharge my batteries. I have some exciting things in the works right now and some news to share.

First, I’m on Instagram (finally). I resisted for a while because, well, see above statement regarding technology. But, if you’d like to keep up with my photos and videos, you can find me @authorarielstorm on Instagram.

Second, I’m pleased to announce that Dominant and Daring is out in print!

Finally, I am so stoked about my forthcoming release, Special Delivery, about a female photographer and a sexy delivery man with a (ahem) big package 😉

Check the cover, isn’t it hot?

Special Delivery Cover

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