#SexySnippets – 7 Sentences from Twice the Temptation, a MFM Menage Romance

It’s Sunday and that means it’s #SexySnippets time. Today I’m sharing seven sentences from my forthcoming release Twice the Temptation, a MFM menage that releases this Tuesday 2/13/18!


One woman, two men.

Clarissa Stevens travels to beautiful Sanibel Island for her brother’s wedding, but the Florida destination is anything but a tropical getaway. Her life is in shambles, from her career, where she’s been recently downsized, to her non-existent dating life.

She’s prepared for the long weekend leading up to her brother’s wedding to be just another reminder of how truly craptastic her life has become. When her brother’s gorgeous best friends, the dominantly sexy Gavin and shy and brooding Trey, both show an interest in her, Clarissa thinks they might be the perfect distraction from all the problems that await her back home in New York.

Soon Clarissa learns that one man is fun, but two men? That’s twice the temptation.

7 Sentences:

“I’ve had a crush on both of you, for years.” I set my mug down and clearing my throat. Fuck the shy, innocent routine. I tossed my head back and met Gavin’s dark stare. Desire, hot and intense, burned in his gaze.

“Are you sure, you’re in for this, Liss?” Trey’s soft, thoughtful voice cut through my thoughts, though he didn’t dim my desire. If anything, his caring tone made me want him—want this—even more.

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#SexySnippets from Secret Santa by Ariel Storm

I’m taking part in a new (to me) blog hop called Sexy Snippets today. I’m sharing seven sentences from my new release Secret Santa.

All she wants for Christmas is a new flogger….

Emily Cabrera and her sexy boss Alex West have kept their relationship under wraps for months. The risk of the rest of their office finding out about them keeps things nice and naughty. On the night of their office holiday gift exchange, Emily slips away to Alex’s office so they can participate in a private gift exchange of their own. In this holiday themed sequel to Her Dominant Boss, an erotic present takes their relationship to a new level of naughty.

7 Sentences

“I have a little present for you,” I said as I locked the door behind me.

Wiggling the package in front of me, I took a few steps forward until I reached his desk. I propped a hip on one side and he closed out of the screen he’d been working on, finally turning his attention on me.

“Mmm, look at you.” His eyes followed his words, and his gaze flicked over my body. I warmed from his glance. “You look good enough to eat.”

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