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Mid Week Tease ~ Good With His Hands


Today I’m taking part in a new (to me at least) blog hop called Mid Week Tease. I love blog hops and I’ve been told on more than one occasion that I like to tease readers with my work, so this seems like a great opportunity to do both while reaching a new audience.

Good with his handsWithout further ado, I’m sharing from my erotic romance Good With His Hands, a scorching read that features a filthy-talking mechanic and the wild-girl-turned-good who can’t resist him. Enjoy!

He’s a sexy bad boy mechanic with a reputation. She’s a guarded reporter with too much to lose to play with fire. She tries to resist him but one touch from him changes everything. 

Recent college graduate Gabby Richards has big plans for her life. At the top of those plans is landing a job for a major magazine in Chicago. While Gabby is busy mapping out her career as a journalist, her father gets seriously injured. Upon hearing of his accident, Gabby drops everything, including her career plans, and heads home to her small, rural town of Clear Lake, but vows to return to Chicago as soon as her father is well.

On her first day back in her hometown she has a run-in with the town’s sexy new mechanic, Jake Harrison, and meeting him turns everything upside-down. Despite her wishes to remain single, she doesn’t see the harm in going on a few dates with him. Soon Jake is helping Gabby confront her past and bringing out a side of her that has remained hidden for years. Even though she wants to remain focused on her career and return to her city life, she begins to wonder if it’s possible to have it all—career, her dream life in Chicago, and Jake Harrison.


Once she was on the main road headed back into town she noticed a pair of headlights in her rearview mirror. Thanks to the custom paint job, she could spot Jake almost anywhere. She didn’t want to believe he was following her. Gabby kept an eye on his vehicle as she drove until she watched him pull into Harrison’s Garage. A pang of guilt hit her.

She’d been rude to him when telling him goodbye at Stacey’s house. He was obviously going to work on someone’s car—maybe even her own—on his evening off. The least she could do was go back to him and apologize for her abrupt behavior. She pulled the truck onto a side street and turned back toward Jake’s garage. Knowing town gossip could be voracious she pulled behind the service station and parked. The bay doors in front of the business were closed, so she knocked on the side door that led into the large repair area.

Jake opened the door and her gaze traveled the length of his torso. He wasn’t wearing a shirt. Apparently she’d interrupted him as he was changing into his work uniform. If he looked good with his clothes on, the man was even sexier without them. His muscular chest and shoulders were covered in tattoos. The low light inside the garage caused the silver hoop in his right nipple to gleam.

“Hey,” she said softly. Her mouth watered and she forgot the apology she’d been rehearsing in her mind.


He took a step back so she could walk in. His gaze flicked over her face and he reached out for her hair, letting a few of the strands slip through his fingers. She walked toward him, closing the distance between them. His mouth was on hers in an instant. A low purring sound emitted from her throat as he breached her lips with his tongue.

She was so glad he didn’t feel the need for words at the moment. His big hands ran along the sides of her torso, down her waist and rested on her hips. He pulled her to him so they were lined up head to toe. Since he was almost a foot taller than her his erection rested against her hip. He was thick and hard. Jake walked her backwards a few steps until she felt her back connect with the door.

Gabby wrapped her legs around his waist and he held her up as if she weighed nothing, with only a hand on her bottom. His other hand slid under her shirt to cup her breast. She tore her mouth free from his and leaned her head against the door. He pushed up the satin cup of her bra and toyed with her nipple.

“Ah, Jake.”

He pushed the other cup down then pulled her shirt over her head. She looked at him. She wanted to see if how she looked pleased him. His blue eyes narrowed and even in the dim lighting she could see the desire burning behind them. He leaned down and put one of her nipples in his mouth. Flicking the point with his tongue as his gaze stayed focused on hers.

She wanted to touch him, wanted him to know how crazy he was making her. Gabby gripped the corded muscles of his biceps and squeezed him there. He pushed himself against her middle, causing his erection to nestle in the hollow of her belly button. The rough denim material of his shorts pressed against her skin and it made her crave to feel him. She didn’t want any barriers between them.

“Jake, I need to feel you. Let me down, I want us naked.”

He released her breast with a pop. “You got it sweetheart.”

He moved his hand from her ass and she slid down the wall. Once her feet connected with solid ground she reached for his waistband. As she unbuttoned his shorts, he helped her out of her bottoms and panties. Beneath his shorts he wore plaid boxers, she pushed them down and his erection bobbed when she freed it from the confines of his clothing.

She palmed his length, loving the feeling of the velvety warmth of his cock. He lived up to her fantasies—and then some—he was huge. The wide head glistened and she rubbed her thumb across the moisture.

“Fuck, what you do to me Gabby.”

He wrapped his hand around hers and removed himself from her hold. She furrowed her brows, unsure of why he didn’t want her touching him. He bent and pulled his wallet from his shorts. A foil package materialized and he ripped it open with his teeth. Jake rolled the latex down his length and stepped closer to her again.

Placing both hands on the door on either side of her head he bent down and kissed her lips. He placed both hands on her hips and ran them down until they were on her thighs. He pushed them apart and she widened her stance. Jake’s fingers grazed the top of her mound before his thumb connected with her clit. He circled it and she moaned at the pressure. She was wet and ready for him. As far as she was concerned everything else they’d done to this point had served as foreplay—the playful banter, dinner twice and of course that incredible kiss in her dad’s driveway last night.

Gabby lifted her leg and hooked it around the back of his thigh. With that bit of encouragement from her he cupped her beneath her ass and lifted her into place. Her back was braced against the door once again and his erection pressed against her clit. He slid it along her seam, teasing her, letting the head stroke her clit. He looked her in the eyes and reached between their bodies. Jake notched the head of his cock to her opening and without breaking eye contact he eased the tip inside her.

They moaned as he pressed in further, slowly letting her body accommodate him. Then, he started to move. He rocked into her and Gaby had never felt something so incredible. She’d been with other men before, but never anyone as big as Jake, never anyone as capable. He’d only just begun and he was already hitting places inside her she’d never been touched before. He licked the pad of his thumb and strummed her nipple with the moistened pad.

“Mmm, Jake.”

He took her sounds as an invitation to go deeper, harder. She arched her back and cried out as he drug his thumb from her breast to her clit. He gritted his teeth and she knew that things must’ve been feeling as good for Jake as they were for her. Feeling emboldened, she reached out and gave his nipple ring a tug. He let out a curse and reared his head back.

“You really shouldn’t have done that, sweetheart. Now, I’m not even going to pretend to hold myself back.”

Want more of Jake and Gabby’s sexy story? You can get Good With His Hands at All Romance eBooks, Amazon, Amazon CA, Amazon UK, Barnes and Nobleand Kobo.

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Who’s Your Hero Blog Hop!

This month we’re celebrating the men and women (and animals too!) that rock a uniform–whichever uniform that may be. Military, Police, Firefighter and all others who serve and protect. So…Who’s Your Hero? Stop by each blog for a giveaway and to find out who OUR favorite fictional and real life heroes are…

who's your hero text

My favorite real life heroes are firefighters, their bravery knows no bounds. Although, in all honesty, it’s hard to pick a favorite amongst the real life heroes in uniform. I’m just thankful to live in a world where brave men and women are willing to risk their lives to help others, so for all the members of military, police, firefighter and paramedics out there–THANK YOU!

Currently, my favorite fictional hero (at least one I’ve created) is Aidan West, the hero in my latest release Dominant and Daring. He’s a hero in every meaning of the word, since the book starts with him rescuing a pregnant woman and her three-year-old son from a car accident. Read a brief snippet of his heroic act, then be sure to visit the other blogs to read more about heroes.

Dominant and Daring AMZ  CoverThere’s never been another man like him in her life. Heroic. Intense. Gorgeous.

When reporter Cassie Pierce interviews Aidan West at the scene of an accident, she’s mesmerized by his deep blue eyes and laser-like focus. The fact that he pulled a pregnant woman and her small son from a wrecked vehicle after it plunged into a lake impresses her too.

Even though the interview between Aidan and Cassie is supposed to be all business, there’s an undeniable pull between them that proves too much to resist.

When Cassie agrees to go out with him she realizes Aidan has another side. Dominant. His intense focus carries over to the bedroom and she discovers Aidan doesn’t like to give up control. Aching for the pleasure that she knows he can give her, Cassie does something she’s never done before: submit.


“I’ve already interviewed one of the emergency personnel and I’d really love to get your account of the accident. Starting with how you were able to act so quickly. Can you go over the sequence of events for me? How were you able to unbuckle the child from its safety seat and pull the mother out as well?”
“I…honestly I’m not sure I can answer that completely. It all happened pretty fast. Like I told one of the officers, I was jogging along the shoulder. I was looking in the other direction when I heard the squeal of the tires on the pavement.
“The next thing I remember was seeing the woman’s car spinning out on the slick road. She lost control and the car crashed through the guardrail and went into the lake nose first.”
He closed his eyes and paused as though he were replaying the scene in his mind. His brows were knitted together and Cassie recalled the intense way he’d stared at her moments before. A raindrop hit him between the eyes and trickled down his nose. He wiped at his face with the blanket. It almost looked as if he’d just wiped away a tear, though she knew it was just a droplet. She got the sense that a man like him didn’t become upset easily, but it appeared he was struggling with something now. When he opened his eyes and looked at her again, he wore a tortured expression that hadn’t been there before.
“Even with the windows of the car rolled up I could hear the noise from inside. The child was crying. The mother was screaming, ‘It’s okay, baby! Mommy’s here.’ When she saw me swim up to the driver’s side of the car, she insisted that I get the little boy out of the backseat first.
“I hesitated, for like a split-second. I wanted to get her free first.” He stared into her eyes. “It’s not because I didn’t think the child’s life was any less important. Far from it. It’s just…”
He looked away from her. She studied his profile and admired the way his Roman nose balanced his strong jaw and masculine facial features. When he didn’t continue right away, she wondered if perhaps her assessment of him hadn’t been incorrect. Maybe he wasn’t as stoic as he’d seemed moments earlier. She placed her free hand on his forearm.
“It’s okay, that part can be off the record. You were running on adrenaline. I know that your actions might not have been the same as when you were acting from a more level-headed place.”
“It’s nothing like that. I’m kind of embarrassed to admit this part to you. I don’t have kids of my own, but I do have nieces and nephews. I’ve never been able to work the buckles on those damn child car seats.
“I thought if I could get the mom free first, she could help me get the kid out of his seat.” He gave a sheepish grin. “Somehow I unbuckled that little one from his seat without any fumbles. Make no mistake about it, there’s no way I would’ve left that little boy or his mother in that car.”
“That’s what you were worried about? You are extremely brave. I defy anyone who reads this article to call Aidan West anything less than a hero.”
“About that. I have one request in regards to the article.”
“Anything the hero asks.” She smiled.
“Can you please not print my name?”
“What? Why not? You should be proud of what you did this evening.”
“I am, but I don’t need recognition or a lot of praise for doing the right thing.”
Heat spread along her chest and settled into her tummy. The warm and fuzzy feeling was fleeting. She’d interviewed a lot of people throughout her career. In her experience, people tended oversell their accomplishments and gloss over their faults. She’d never met someone who didn’t want to be acknowledged in the newspaper for saving a gnat, much less saving the lives of a pregnant woman and her small son.
If she hadn’t been a journalist, and trained to be skeptical, his modesty would’ve been refreshing. As it was, she found it odd and her reporter’s instincts told her there was something he wasn’t telling her. Aidan West was human, and as such he had an ego. It defied logic and human nature that he wouldn’t want to be recognized, no matter how trivially, for his good deed. There was something else at play, something else he was holding back and she was determined to find it.

Buy Dominant and Daring now at All Romance ebooks, Amazon, Amazon CA, Amazon UK, Kobo and Nook.

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