#SexySnippets – 7 Sentences from Twice the Temptation, a MFM Menage Romance

It’s Sunday and that means it’s #SexySnippets time. Today I’m sharing seven sentences from my forthcoming release Twice the Temptation, a MFM menage that releases this Tuesday 2/13/18!


One woman, two men.

Clarissa Stevens travels to beautiful Sanibel Island for her brother’s wedding, but the Florida destination is anything but a tropical getaway. Her life is in shambles, from her career, where she’s been recently downsized, to her non-existent dating life.

She’s prepared for the long weekend leading up to her brother’s wedding to be just another reminder of how truly craptastic her life has become. When her brother’s gorgeous best friends, the dominantly sexy Gavin and shy and brooding Trey, both show an interest in her, Clarissa thinks they might be the perfect distraction from all the problems that await her back home in New York.

Soon Clarissa learns that one man is fun, but two men? That’s twice the temptation.

7 Sentences:

“I’ve had a crush on both of you, for years.” I set my mug down and clearing my throat. Fuck the shy, innocent routine. I tossed my head back and met Gavin’s dark stare. Desire, hot and intense, burned in his gaze.

“Are you sure, you’re in for this, Liss?” Trey’s soft, thoughtful voice cut through my thoughts, though he didn’t dim my desire. If anything, his caring tone made me want him—want this—even more.

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#MidWeekTease~ Love TKO ~ by AuthorAriel

I’m taking part in the Mid Week Tease again today. This time I’m sharing a snippet from my newest release Love TKO. You know, between the Mid Week Tease button and my book cover, there’s a LOT of abs happening on this page (you’re welcome).


love-tko-kobo-coverWhen Frankie ends up in a penthouse condo on Miami Beach, she hopes the lavish surroundings will make up for the fact that she’s pulling maid of honor duty for her best friend’s wedding. As an undefeated boxer, she’s no stranger to challenge, yet none of her previous challenges have tested her strength—or her patience—quite like the cocky best man, Gabe.

Even though the two of them butt heads instantly, when a wedding snafu strikes they put aside their differences and pretend to “play nice” for the sake of the bride. Soon, Frankie becomes swept up in their lie and starts to see Gabe in a different light. After spending one afternoon together, it becomes clear their initial dislike of each other has transformed into intense sexual tension.

When the two give into their attraction, the lines between what’s real and what’s an act become irreparably blurred. Frankie can’t help but wonder if she and Gabe have simply allowed themselves to become consumed by the romantic wedding atmosphere. Can Frankie let go of her resistance to him or will falling fast and hard for the best man prove to be her toughest fight yet?


He grabbed her, wrapping his arms around her waist, and pulled her against him. The thin linen material of her shorts couldn’t conceal his erection or how hard he was as he pressed it against her ass.

“Don’t ruin this. Just let it happen.”

He swept her hair off her neck and nipped at her bare shoulder. Her knees buckled, thanks to that pleasure mixed with a bit of pain. She bent forward and gripped the ledge of the granite countertop of the kitchen island to keep her balance. Gabe leaned down and fisted her hair, pulling her face sideways, toward his mouth. When his mouth reached hers, he guided it open. Stroking her tongue with his, he teased her lightly and caressed with his tongue. As much as she didn’t want to admit it to herself, Frankie was turned on by the way he took control. Most men were content to let her sit back and be the aggressor.

Not so with Gabe. He was dominant, aggressive. Powerful and sexual. Her arousal surprised her, potent and overwhelming. One hand still in her hair, his other slid beneath her shirt to cup her bare breast.

“I’ve wanted to do this all night. It’s been driving me crazy to see you without a bra.”

A moan escaped her lips as he kneaded and shaped the flesh of her breast.

“Gabe, not like this. Not like this. Let’s go to the bedroom.”

“No,” he breathed against her neck. “You’ve ran away from me too many times. If I let you go now, you won’t go through with this. And I know you want this as much as I do. Tell me you don’t want me to fuck you senseless tonight and I’ll walk away.”

He plucked her nipple harder and she moaned. “Yes, please. I want that too.”

Although he wasn’t playing fair—with his hands on her whispering dirty words in her ear—she didn’t regret telling him what she wanted. She knew he was right and hearing him say it caused her resolve to float away like a plastic bag in a windstorm.

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