#MidWeekTease from Twice the Temptation by @AuthorAriel

Today I’m taking part in the hump-day themed hop called the Midweek Tease.


One woman, two men.

Clarissa Stevens travels to beautiful Sanibel Island for her brother’s wedding, but the Florida destination is anything but a tropical getaway. Her life is in shambles, from her career, where she’s been recently downsized, to her non-existent dating life.

She’s prepared for the long weekend leading up to her brother’s wedding to be just another reminder of how truly craptastic her life has become. When her brother’s gorgeous best friends, the dominantly sexy Gavin and shy and brooding Trey, both show an interest in her, Clarissa thinks they might be the perfect distraction from all the problems that await her back home in New York.

Soon Clarissa learns that one man is fun, but two men? That’s twice the temptation.


I tossed the items around until I found something I wanted to wear. The amethyst sundress I decided on was flowy, comfortable and it was cute enough to look like I actually gave a damn about my appearance. In truth, I wanted to roll into the resort’s tiki bar in yoga pants, a t-shirt and messy bun.

Despite the fact that I’d be spending the next four days in upscale accommodations for my brother’s wedding, I wasn’t in the mood to celebrate. My brother getting married underscored how truly shitty my life was at the moment. With the dress on and freshly applied makeup, I set out for the bar.

Although I felt somewhat cliched asking for it, I ordered a pina colada. I took a sip and savored the sweet freshness on my tongue.

“Well, I’ll be damned. Clarissa’s letting her hair down.”

At the sound of the deep melodic timbre I turned and locked gazes with Gavin. Several years had passed since I’d last seen him, but time hadn’t lessened his good looks.

“Gavin. Keeping tabs on me? Already? I see you’re still my big brother’s spy, I mean, best friend.”

“Still a little spitfire. I’ll have a scotch on the rocks with a twist.”

“Really? Take a look where we are,” I spread my hands wide and gestured toward the beach. “Sure you don’t want to reconsider your drink order? Maybe make it something a little more tropical?”

“Why fuck with something that’s tried and true?”

“Nice language.” I shot the bartender a sheepish look. He didn’t seem fazed by Gavin. He probably heard and saw a lot worse.

“You’re looking…” he paused and let his gaze do a slow tour of my body. “All grown up.”

I ignored the way my body flushed at his sensual gaze. It was probably due to the tropical weather and the alcohol, not Gavin’s aura of walking sex and darkly handsome looks.

“I’m twenty-five. I’m a grown woman, not a little girl anymore.”

“Believe me, that is completely obvious,” he said as he looked pointedly at my breasts.

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