Saturday Spankings – MFM Menage Twice the Temptation by @AuthorAriel

Today I’m taking part in the naughty weekly blog hop Saturday Spankings.

I’m featuring an excerpt from my forthcoming release Twice the Temptation, a MFM menage romance, out on Tuesday 2/13/18.

Read on for the blurb, excerpt and to of course continue hopping along to the other blogs taking part.


One woman, two men.

Clarissa Stevens travels to beautiful Sanibel Island for her brother’s wedding, but the Florida destination is anything but a tropical getaway. Her life is in shambles, from her career, where she’s been recently downsized, to her non-existent dating life.

She’s prepared for the long weekend leading up to her brother’s wedding to be just another reminder of how truly craptastic her life has become. When her brother’s gorgeous best friends, the dominantly sexy Gavin and shy and brooding Trey, both show an interest in her, Clarissa thinks they might be the perfect distraction from all the problems that await her back home in New York.

Soon Clarissa learns that one man is fun, but two men? That’s twice the temptation.

“Why are you so…angry? Agitated?”

“Maybe you just annoy the hell out of me,” I said sulkily as I swirled the ice in my glass.

“I have another theory.”

“Oh and what would that be?” I asked, not really caring to hear the answer. I was pretty sure I knew what he was going to say. James and his friends had always called me a brat. And I had been as a kid. I was the apple of my father’s eye, I’d had him wrapped around my little finger as far back as I could remember. He’d given me everything I’d ever wanted and I used that to my advantage especially when James had friends over and they wanted to hang out. I’d always had a crush on Gavin and I wanted to be near him, so I’d insisted that my daddy let James and his friends allow me to tag along with them to most places they went.

“Yes, I know exactly what’s wrong with you,” he said again, without elaborating.

“Yeah, I know. I’m a brat.”

“No, that wasn’t what I was going to say at all. Although the idea of taking you over my knee and paddling your ass sounds appealing as all get out.”

My nipples hardened and I let out a soft gasp.

“Gavin did you really just say that to me?”

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