Saturday Spankings – A Flogging Scene from Secret Santa by Ariel Storm

Woot! It’s the weekend and I’m taking part in the super fun and slightly naughty Saturday Spankings Blog Hop!

Today I’m sharing a scene from my new release Secret Santa. Enjoy!

All she wants for Christmas is a new flogger….

Emily Cabrera and her sexy boss Alex West have kept their relationship under wraps for months. The risk of the rest of their office finding out about them keeps things nice and naughty. On the night of their office holiday gift exchange, Emily slips away to Alex’s office so they can participate in a private gift exchange of their own. In this holiday themed sequel to Her Dominant Boss, an erotic present takes their relationship to a new level of naughty.


“I love the curves of your ass.” He cupped one cheek before giving it a smack. “But I love it more that spankings get you fucking wet.” Alex slapped my ass again, harder this time. I bit down on my lower lip as the subtle sting subsided. Warmth spread across my cheeks and the lips of my pussy grew wetter.

I sighed as the first bite of the leather flogger’s tongue connected with my skin. Alex didn’t relent. He struck me again, the leather strands making equal contact with both my exposed cheeks. His figure-eight pattern grew steadier as the pleasurable assault continued. Beyond the stinging on my ass cheeks, incredible heat filled my sensitive skin. Moisture flooded my pussy and I could no longer hold back my moans.

Get Secret Santa for .99 at iBooksKindle USKindle UKKindle CA, Kobo, Nook and Scribd.

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