Saturday Spankings Excerpt from Marital Bonds

I’m taking part in the weekly hop Saturday Spankings, celebrating the release of Marital Bonds. Read on for the excerpt and make sure you visit all the other blogs taking part in this hop!

After three years of struggling, I’m tired. I miss my husband. I miss our intimacy.

Three years ago tragedy struck and destroyed our sex life. It nearly ruined our marriage.

Thanks to help from a sensuality coach, I’ve got three assignments to act out with my husband, each designed to help us find our way back to each other and reignite the flame on our once searing sex life.


His teeth scraped at my nipples, spreading fire through my chest. I loved it wild. Loved this man giving me these sensations. I suddenly remembered the thought I’d had earlier. The one where I’d pictured my husband doing wickedly wonderful things to my body with the silicone spatula.

“Eric,” I tugged gently on his hair. “I want you to do something.”


I searched our area for the spatula and scooped it off the floor next to me. “Use this?”

“I’d almost forgotten about this fun little toy.” He looked at me a few beats, his eyes softening. “You’re sure? There’s always…next time.”

His voice caught on the last two words, as though he was worried I’d somehow crawl back into the shell I’d spent the last three years inside. I wouldn’t though. I wasn’t. No matter what had happened in the past, I’d been foolish and punished myself—and by extension Eric—denying us this. Our sex life was amazing. Time hadn’t changed that.

I reached for him, and cradled his face between my hands. “There will be a next time. Many, many next times.”

He turned his head and kissed the inside of my wrist before removing my hands from either side of his face. The soft expression left his gaze and was replaced by the heat and intensity that made me squirm. Eric had always had the ability to just level me with a gaze. We’d always had that kind of connection and thank god time hadn’t diminished that.

Eric trailed the spatula over the mounds of my breasts, letting the cool silicone make contact with the tight points of my nipples. He gave one a light slap, the silicone making a loud popping noise and leaving a slight sting on my nipple. He treated the other breast to the same exquisite treat.

“How does my girl like that?” He asked as he gave me another light tap.

“Mmmm, I love it.”

“I want to use this on your luscious culo. Stand up.”

I rose and waited to see what way Eric wanted me. Would he have me stand in front of him or would he bend me over the arm of the couch?

“Turn around.”

I obeyed, my pulse pounding in my ears and my arousal mounting. The bite of the silicone striking my ass was the only answer I needed. The next strike came quickly, the slap of the spatula against my cheek landed with a sharp thwack. Warmth and the sting from the blows spread across my ass. My pussy grew wetter with each strike and my clit is pulsed with need.

My husband knows what pushes my buttons. This would be one of them. I’m a freak, I love it rough. I need both the pleasure and the pain.

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