Secret Santa, Your Reward for Being Naughty

I hope you’re all having a fabulous holiday season and are keeping warm. Since it is the time of year when it’s better to give than to receive, I thought I’d treat all my readers to a free short story. Secret Santa is a holiday-themed sequel to my short story Her Dominant Boss. Read on for more…



All she wants for Christmas is a new flogger….

Emily Cabrera and her sexy boss Alex West have kept their relationship under wraps for months. The risk of the rest of their office finding out about them keeps things nice and naughty. On the night of their office holiday gift exchange, Emily slips away to Alex’s office so they can participate in a private gift exchange of their own. In this holiday themed sequel to Her Dominant Boss, an erotic present takes their relationship to new heights.


Enjoy the free read!


Chapter One



“It’s gift-exchange time! Come on everybody! It’s time to find out who your Secret Santa is!”

The overly perky words were spoken by the equally perky and slightly inebriated Daisy Delgado. The bubbly administrative assistant for the communications and marketing department held a gold gift bag aloft and shot a huge grin at her coworkers. Daisy’s enthusiasm for the Secret Santa gift exchange seemed more like she was Oprah delivering her favorite things to a squealing audience instead of handing out what would no doubt turn out to be lame, cheap gifts purchased at the last minute.

Since the majority of us in attendance were drunk, we didn’t give Daisy the sort of reaction she’d been hoping for. That was evident by the way her face fell slightly at only receiving a few whistles and hoots for her proclamation. Poor girl.

I scanned the crowd and took note of all the faces I saw, noticing the one face missing. My boss Alex. Although, for the past six months he’d been more than just my boss.

He was my lover. My boyfriend. But no one knew about it. Technically there were no hard and fast rules prohibiting us from being an item. Hell, Alex West of Westfield Industries made the rules.

He’d even made me the head of the communications department so we’d be on more equal footing than we’d been when I’d started out, as his assistant. Even factoring all those things in, I’d still begged Alex to keep our relationship on the QT for a while longer.

If we’d announced our involvement too soon after my promotion, I worried about facing the inevitable rumors that I’d only gotten the promotion from work done on my knees rather than based on the fact that my masters degree and qualifications had meant I’d been grossly over-qualified for my old position. I knew no one would see it that way if they knew about us too soon.

Knowing how rumors flew in the workplace, Alex had agreed. Of course, it had taken some heavy persuasion on my part. I smiled to myself as I recalled all the ways I’d persuaded him with my mouth and body.

“A French press, awesome sauce!”

The jovial words snapped me out of my sultry haze…at least momentarily. I watched the crowd and waited for my opportunity to slip away. Alex was waiting for me in his office.

My body zinged with the promise of what would happen once we were alone in his office. We had our own private gift-exchange to participate in. I couldn’t help but wonder what he could’ve gotten me.

I looked around the crowd again. Everyone was consumed with unwrapping presents, the ooohing and aaahing over what was inside each neatly wrapped box and shiny bag. No one would see me slip away.

In my office, I grabbed the package I’d hidden in my desk earlier this week. It appeared to be an innocent enough gift for an employee to give to her boss. Only I knew the dirty secret of what was inside the package with the red and white candy cane striped wrapping paper.

I reached Alex’s door and knocked softly once, before entering. Seeing him behind his desk immediately made my breath hitch. The overhead lighting shone on his sandy-colored mane, my fingers itched to touch his meticulously groomed hair.

He wore a navy suit, crisp white shirt and red tie, his nod toward the holiday season and the festivities taking place in the office today. He’d yet to take his eyes off his computer screen, he worked tirelessly. Yet he maintained a perfectly organized appearance. I knew he’d been at it for nearly twelve hours, but he didn’t have a hair out of place or even a wrinkle in his suit. Always so controlled. How I longed to mess him up a bit.

“I have a little present for you,” I said as I locked the door behind me.

Wiggling the package in front of me, I took a few steps forward until I reached his desk. I propped a hip on one side and he closed out of the screen he’d been working on, finally turning his attention on me.

“Mmm, look at you.” His eyes followed his words, and his gaze flicked over my body. I warmed from his glance. “You look good enough to eat.” He gave me a wolfish grin and my pussy fluttered at his words.

Yes, please.

“Well, I personally think we should open presents before any eating is done. As much as I hate the idea of postponing…eating.”

Alex smirked, then slid me down the desk so I was sitting directly in front of him. He put his hands on my knees and uncrossed my legs, spreading them. The sensual smile on his lips promised wicked things. Things I’d experienced on a regular basis over the past six months.

He cupped my calves in his palms and slid them up. I loved living in Miami. The south Florida weather meant I could wear skirts without stockings all year long. The heat from his hands as they slid up my bare legs was a present in and of itself. Still, I really wanted to stay on task. I wanted him to open my present. And I hoped he liked it enough to use it on me immediately.

“I think you’ll find my gift particularly useful.”

“Okay, I can see how important it is to you that we open our gifts first. Baby we do have a tendency to get carried away when we fuck.”

He slid his hands up further and nuzzled my cleavage.

“Damn you, don’t try to distract me. Let’s open our gifts. Or at least you open mine first. It benefits you, I promise.”

I shoved his present at him and inched away from his mouth. As much as I hated putting distance between us, I knew it was only a momentary separation. Per his usual control, Alex slid his thumb beneath the seam of the wrapping paper and loosened it.

He watched me, as he slowly and calmly opened his gift. Damn it, this man drove me mad. In more ways than one. Alex knew what he was doing to me, he was toying with me. Showing me who was in charge.

As if I ever had any doubt.

Finally, he removed the last bit of tape from the wrapping paper and pushed it aside. He lifted the lid on the red rectangular box. I kept my eyes glued to his face as he opened it, watching for a reaction, a sign of how he liked my present to him.

He leveled a gaze at me and pierced me through with his blue eyes.

“You want me to use this on you tonight, don’t you, naughty girl?”



Chapter Two



Alex removed the black leather flogger from the box and caressed my bare legs with the tongues of leather. My pulse accelerated at the contact of the flogger against my bare flesh. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t used one on me before. He had, plenty of times.

My present to him was markedly different in that I’d picked this particular flogger out. Also, giving it to him here meant I wanted something new from him. I wanted him to use it on me at work. We’d mastered the art of conference room and office sex.

It was hot as hell to know we were fucking at our place of work, often times with other people nearby. The thrill of being caught, or at the very least heard, heightened the experience for both of us. Again, it wasn’t as if there was a threat of any sort of recourse for either of us if we were found.

I was fairly certain plenty of people suspected we were at least fucking if not an actual item. Alex was the boss though, so that meant no one could really question our relationship. Still, that thrill of someone hearing or seeing us was extremely real and exciting.

“What are you waiting for? Let’s try out my new work toy.”

In a quick move, Alex grabbed me by the waist while simultaneously rolling his desk chair back. He placed me in front of him, and I watched, mesmerized, as he took off his suit jacket and draped it over the back of his chair. He unbuttoned his sleeves and rolled them up to his elbows, exposing his muscled forearms. Even the man’s forearms were sexy as fuck. Seriously, how was that even possible?

He spun me away from him. I knew the drill and placed my palms on his desk. His wide hands palmed my ass through my black satin skirt, then slid them to either side of my hips. He inched the smooth material up until it was bunched around my waist. In my panty less state, I felt the cool air from the A/C vent right away.

“I love the curves of your ass.” He cupped one cheek before giving it a smack. “But I love it more that spankings get you fucking wet.” Alex slapped my ass again, harder this time. I bit down on my lower lip as the subtle sting subsided. Warmth spread across my cheeks and the lips of my pussy grew wetter.

I sighed as the first bite of the leather flogger’s tongue connected with my skin. Alex didn’t relent, he struck me again. The leather strands making equal contact with both my exposed cheeks. His figure-eight pattern grew steadier as the pleasurable assault continued. Beyond the stinging on my ass cheeks, incredible heat filled my sensitive skin. Moisture flooded my pussy and I could no longer hold back my moans.

Alex tossed the flogger on the desk next to me. I leaned against the desk, panting, waiting for him to touch me. His fingers dipped inside me and he released a guttural moan.

“God damn, you’re soaked.” He swirled his fingers inside me, pressing higher. I clenched around him, eager for release. As he’d struck me again and again I knew I’d gotten wet, but as usual, hearing the satisfaction in his voice at finding me that way elevated my arousal to another level. I wanted to be filled, I ached for it.

“Please, Alex…now, please,” I rasped.

He pressed himself against my ass. His trousers didn’t disguise the feel of his thick erection.

“Always so greedy. So hot for me,” he whispered against my ear.

His nimble fingers unbuttoned my red blouse and then his hands found the cups of my lace bra. He kneaded my tits and I arched against him, moaning in pleasure as well as frustration. Alex always teased, took his sweet time. It was part of the game I loved, even when it frustrated the hell out of me, like now.

“Please, you like it when I beg,” I said around a pant.

“No. I love it when you plead for it, Emily.”

Two could play at this game. I could tease and frustrate him. I ground my ass against the fly of his trousers. Alex let out his breath in a sharp hiss. He spun me around then hoisted me on the desk.

“Not so fast, slow down. You’re so impatient. Don’t you ever learn?” He made a tisking sound with his tongue. “Besides, I seem to recall saying you look good enough to eat. And you know I’m a man of my word.” He pushed me back, into a reclined position on his desk, a seductive gleam lit his eyes. My sexy, powerful boyfriend knelt on the floor and spread my legs wide.

I watched as he dove between them. I squirmed at the irresistible pleasure as the first stroke of his capable tongue made contact with my sensitive tissues. He lapped at me, traveling the seam of my sex until settling on my clit. He sucked and nibbled on the engorged bud, driving me wild.

He was relentless, eating me until I came violently against his agile mouth. As I lay limp on his desk, I heard Alex loosening his belt and unfasten his trousers. I opened my eyes just in time to see him positioning his hips between my legs. He notched his cock against the opening of my pussy.

Alex pushed in, sinking balls deep. His thick cock filling me reignited the nerves in my sensitive tissues. I moaned as he began to move.

“God I love fucking you. I’ll never get enough of this,” he said through gritted teeth as he cupped the top of my mound.

His thumb found my clit and drew slow circles against it. Alex sped up his movements and tilted my hips upward, going even deeper. Filling me totally. I closed my eyes and screamed as I came hard for the second time within minutes. Thank god for the music and levity happening in the lobby, the party’s noise masked my cries of pleasure. At least, I hoped it did.

Alex bared his teeth and I felt his cock jerk inside me. He panted and slowly disentangled our bodies.

“Mmmm, now I really can’t wait to give you your present.” He purred as he helped pull me to a sitting position on the desk. Alex straightened my clothes then his own before taking a seat in his big leather desk chair.

“What? I thought the flogger and the amazing sex were my present.”

I was only half-kidding. I’d gotten the flogger for him, but honestly, we both benefited from it. He dug a key out of his pants pocket and used it to unlock the center drawer on his desk. He placed a gold box with a red bow on my lap.

“I was going to have my assistant put this in the office gift exchange, but then I realized everyone would figure out who your Secret Santa was.” He bit his lip and gave me an impish smile. “And I know it’s important to you that we keep things quiet. Although I won’t pretend to understand it, I have respected your wishes. So far.”

Tears threatened to spill from my eyes. Not only because Alex had gotten me something—and if the box was any indication, it was an item of jewelry—but that my ultra dominant lover was actually deferring to me. Feeling silly at my display of emotion, I quickly averted my gaze to the package resting on my lap. I picked up the box and carefully removed the red satin ribbon.

“I’d say you shouldn’t have, but something tells me once I open this bad boy I’m going to be quite happy that you did.”

I lifted the lid on the box and let out an audible gasp. Nestled inside was a ruby and diamond tennis bracelet. The stones were roughly the size of small peas. It must’ve cost a fortune. My hands shook as I took the bracelet from the box.

“Here, let me help you with that.”

Alex removed the bracelet from my shaky grasp and fastened it around my wrist. I wiggled my hand first to the right and then the left. The stones gleamed and glittered in the light.

“Alex…it’s beautiful, thank you doesn’t seem like enough, but I just don’t know what else to say.”

I tore my gaze from the sparkly bauble and looked him in the eyes for the first time since I’d opened my present. The pleasure he’d gotten at giving me such a gift was written all over his irresistibly handsome face. He’d rendered me speechless between the bracelet and the look he was giving me. It was tender, hopeful and, well, everything I wanted from this man but had been too afraid to wish for.

“You don’t have to say anything else. There is one thing I want to say to you.” Alex rose and reached for me. He cradled my head between his palms, his blue eyes locked on mine. “I love you, Emily. I think you knew that already, but this is real between us. It isn’t merely physical. Enough time has passed, we’ve been discreet, I’m ready for everyone to know you’re mine.”


I didn’t know how to respond. He’d just given me everything. He was right, I was his. I had been since the first time I’d laid eyes on him, but then, who wouldn’t fall head over heels for Alex?

“I love you, too. I’m completely yours and always have been. Surely you knew that?”

I gave him a sly smile before he planted a seductive kiss on my lips. When we pulled apart, I dropped my gaze to the twinkling stones wrapped around my wrist. There was another benefit to this piece of jewelry he’d given me.

It let everyone know he was mine.


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