#WIPItUpWednesday ~ Love TKO ~ by @AuthorAriel

I’m taking part in WIP It Up Wednesday blog hop again this week. This hop focuses on works-in-progress (WIPs) and new releases.


Today I’m sharing more from the scene where the hero and heroine meet in Love TKO, my latest release. This is a continuation from last week’s share, so to read last week’s snippet, click here.

love-tko-kobo-coverWhen Frankie ends up in a penthouse condo on Miami Beach, she hopes the lavish surroundings will make up for the fact that she’s pulling maid of honor duty for her best friend’s wedding. As an undefeated boxer, she’s no stranger to challenge, yet none of her previous challenges have tested her strength—or her patience—quite like the cocky best man, Gabe.

Even though the two of them butt heads instantly, when a wedding snafu strikes they put aside their differences and pretend to “play nice” for the sake of the bride. Soon, Frankie becomes swept up in their lie and starts to see Gabe in a different light. After spending one afternoon together, it becomes clear their initial dislike of each other has transformed into intense sexual tension.

When the two give into their attraction, the lines between what’s real and what’s an act become irreparably blurred. Frankie can’t help but wonder if she and Gabe have simply allowed themselves to become consumed by the romantic wedding atmosphere. Can Frankie let go of her resistance to him or will falling fast and hard for the best man prove to be her toughest fight yet?


He released his hold on her wrists and took a few steps away, putting distance between them. “What made you so hostile anyway?”

“Well, let’s see…where to start. I woke up in a strange place, in a completely different time zone and in a completely different area than I was in yesterday. I thought I was supposed to be alone in this place until later tonight. Hearing the door open and close made me think of the worst. I was half-asleep anyway, and then I come in here and get blinded by the damn sunlight. Sorry, when I find someone who I think is breaking in, I attack first and ask questions later—”

She stopped talking when she noticed he’d dropped his gaze to her chest and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why. She was in the clothes she’d slept in last night, a pair of men’s boxers and a wife-beater. Thanks to his sweaty chest rubbing against hers, the front of the thin white tank was moist. As if on cue, her nipples formed two hard points against the fabric. She quickly crossed her arms over her chest.

I am not aroused because of this man.

Her nipples just got hard because the air conditioning must’ve kicked on. Who was she trying fool with that lame excuse? She ran back to her bedroom and scooped up the shirt she’d worn the day before off the floor. It might not be that clean, but at least it allowed her a bit of modesty under Gabe’s seductive stare.

“You’re an act first and think later kind of gal. A real wildcat, huh? I’m sure I’ll have the bruises around my throat to attest to that, thanks to your killer choke hold.”

“Forgive me if in my jetlagged fog I failed to put two and two together right away. Rachel told me you wouldn’t be here until tonight. If we have to room together for the next few days, I suggest we try to act civil toward one another. Can we just start over?” She thrust her hand out in front of her. “I’m Frankie.”

“Gabe Boyd.”

A tingle traveled down her spine when he wrapped his hand around hers and gave it a firm shake.

“It’s an honor to meet you, Gabe.”

“So, you do know who I am?”

“Um, yeah…the best man. Or is there an even bigger mix up here?”

“No, I’m the best man. I was just…making sure.”

What the hell was going on? Was there something else she was supposed to know about Gabe that Rachel had neglected to tell her? Was he related to Matt? One thing was for sure, he didn’t look like her best friend’s fiancé. Matt was of average height and thin with black hair. Gabe was well over six feet, with lighter hair and his build could in no way be described as thin. His well-muscled body was huge.

“You know, when Rachel told me I’d be rooming with someone named Frankie, I assumed her maid of honor was a dude. Clearly, you are not a guy.”

Again his gaze toured her physique in an erotic manner. Gabe was no doubt a womanizer. She’d met his type, at least a thousand times before. Cocky and handsome with the kind of swagger that advertised that he was used to getting what he wanted. She’d come into contact with enough men like him in gyms and across the boxing circuit over the past ten years to last her three lifetimes.

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