#WIPItUpWednesday Blog Hop ~ Love TKO Excerpt by @AuthorAriel

Today I am taking part in the WIP It Up Wednesday blog hop. This hop showcases works-in-progress (WIPs) and new releases, and really, is there a better way to get through humpday than reading sexy snippets of soon-to-be and upcoming releases?

love-tko-kobo-coverI’m stoked to bring you the very first peak into my upcoming release Love TKO. The book is a stand alone read, but it’s the first in a new trilogy called The Game of Love Series.

Women athletes who kick ass and take names. Book boyfriends who are sexy alphas. Sex that is hot, sweet and sometimes, a little dirty. Welcome to The Game of Love Series.


“I’m calling nine-one-one!”

Hopping onto the man’s broad, bare back she wrapped her legs around his waist and clamped her arms around his neck to lock him into a choke hold from behind. She was a strong woman and a professional boxer, she might not be able to take down a man of his size, but she’d at least make this intruder think twice about breaking in again.

The room began to spin as though she were on a merry go round. The man did an about face and wedged her back against the wall next to the front door. He pushed his torso against her and wrapped his large, powerful hands around her calves. Before she had time to react, he’d pulled her legs from around his waist and removed her hold on his neck. He spun to face her, capturing both her hands. Pinning her to the wall by the wrists, he held her arms above her head in one of his large hands.

“What the hell? Didn’t Rachel tell you I’d be staying here too?”

She blinked as understanding registered in her muddled mind. She wanted to crawl back to her room. “Oh…I guess you’re the best man?” Her cheeks burned. She was wide awake now and felt like a complete idiot. “I wasn’t expecting anyone to be here until later tonight. You caught me off guard.”

“That choke hold move you pulled would argue otherwise. You seemed very much on guard to me.”

He raised his free hand to touch the base of his throat and rubbed his fingertips back and forth. It was then she took notice of his naked torso. Unable to control her stare, Frankie let her gaze travel down the smooth, tan skin to his bare chest with its defined pectorals and lower to his rippling abs. The man was glistening with sweat, which only served to highlight his muscular form. She fought hard against the urge to lick her lips.

“You like what you see?”

His voice had dropped to a seductive purr. Leaning in closer, he brought his broad chest up against hers. His mouth was inches from hers, one corner of his full lips turned up in a sexy smirk. Something about the move told her he’d done it a time or two before. His chest radiated heat and her skin burned from the contact with him. Wanting to break the sultry spell he’d cast upon her, she wiggled against his hold.

“Look, let’s just talk this out like two rational adults. Can you let go of me, please?”

“So you can be polite. You just choose not to be.” He smirked again and raked his eyes over her face. She couldn’t help but notice their deep blue color. “Anybody ever tell you that you can catch more flies with honey?”

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