My Sexy Saturday~ #MSS161~ My Sexy Soulmate Excerpt from Dominant and Daring by @AuthorAriel

It’s that time again! I’m taking part in the My Sexy Saturday blog hop. This week’s theme is My Sexy Soulmate.


I’m sharing from my light BDSM novel Dominant and Daring. Enjoy this sexy excerpt and be sure to visit the other bloggers participating in My Sexy Saturday!

Dominant and Daring AMZ CoverThere’s never been another man like him in her life.Heroic. Intense. Gorgeous. 

When reporter Cassie Pierce interviews Aidan West at the scene of an accident, she’s mesmerized by his deep blue eyes and laser-like focus. The fact that he pulled a pregnant woman and her small son from a wrecked vehicle after it plunged into a lake impresses her too.

Even though the interview between Aidan and Cassie is supposed to be all business, there’s an undeniable pull between them that proves too much to resist.

When Cassie agrees to go out with him she realizes Aidan has another side.Dominant. His intense focus carries over to the bedroom and she discovers Aidan doesn’t like to give up control. Aching for the pleasure that she knows he can give her, Cassie does something she’s never done before: submit.


Aidan let go of her hair and gripped her shoulders. He pulled her body up so she was straddling him. He flipped her onto her back and wedged his body above hers. She was still clothed, but he was working on that obstacle. The rasp of her zipper filled the room as he worked her pants over her hips.

“Mmm, Mr. Dominant. Always in control.”

“You don’t seem to mind it,” he flicked her nipple with his tongue.

He reached over to the nightstand and pulled out a condom. Aidan unwrapped it and put it on with incredible speed. He notched himself to the entrance of her pussy. The slick heat he found there drove him out his mind, without another thought he entered her with a quick, smooth plunge.

“Oh, Aidan.”

His name was a moan as she arched her back. Their evening at the gallery had been nothing but extended foreplay. Aidan’s fuse was short and from the kinds of noises Cassie was making from beneath him, she felt the same way. He frantically made love to her and couldn’t get enough of the way she clung to him as he pumped his hips into her. With his head buried in the crook of her neck, he released a shuddering breath against her skin as they climaxed together.

Sensations swirled through him and he wasn’t sure if they were all due to the release of endorphins from his orgasm. Each time they were together it seemed as though their bond strengthened. He felt closer to her. He felt like he might be falling for her, fast and hard, but he wasn’t sure if she felt the same. Aidan raised his head to gauge her reaction. Cassie’s eyes were closed and her mouth was parted in a semi-smile. She looked happy and relaxed and suddenly he didn’t want to complicate the moment with declarations or questions.

He lowered his head and kissed the soft flesh in the hollow of her collarbone and bit back the words he’d been about to say.

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Don’t stop now, get your fill of sexy soulmates by visiting the other bloggers participating in My Sexy Saturday!


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