My Sexy Saturday My Sexy Magic #MSS159 Excerpt from Leather and Lace by Ariel Storm

For this week’s My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop I’m sharing a scene from my new release Leather and Lace. This second chance story is about two star-crossed friends from high school who meet up again in their small hometown 30 years after graduation.

Finding love like that seems pretty magical, as well as sexy, so it fits perfectly into this week’s theme of My Sexy Magic. Please read on for an excerpt from Leather and Lace, and be sure to visit the other authors taking part in My Sexy Saturday!

Leather and LaceWhen Roxanna Chase finds herself alone in her tiny hometown of Haven, Indiana on Thanksgiving eve, she decides to do the one thing she always swore she’d never do: attend Chatterfest, an unofficial high school reunion held every year the night before Thanksgiving at Haven’s busiest bar, The Watering Hole. After a couple of cocktails and reminiscing with a classmate, Roxanna is overwhelmed, and a little turned on, when her old high school crush Nicholas Birch approaches her at the bar. He’s still as tall, broad-shouldered and sexy as he was thirty years ago. Since he’d dated her best friend in high school, Roxanna had always placed Nicholas in a box marked ‘hands off.’ When Nicholas admits he had feelings for Roxanna in high school, the two decide to leave the bar together and see what happens next. They quickly find that when old flames are rekindled, they can ignite into an inferno that refuses to burn out.


“I’m sorry to make you do all the work, but I had to look at you. You’re so perfect. So beautiful,” Nicholas said as he cupped her breasts in his hands.
Each time she rocked back further, she grew closer to a climax. Once again,
Nicholas began his sweet torment on her nipples. He circled the tips with his thumbs until they reached stiff peaks. Using his fingers, he sawed them back and forth gently. A fire burned in the pit of Roxanna’s belly and she knew she was close to coming again.
She tilted her pelvis and ground harder against him. Nicholas began to thrust into her from below. The wide head of his cock stroked and rubbed against her clit from the inside. She was dying for a release. Placing one hand between their writhing bodies, Roxanna reached between her folds. She sought out the slippery pearl of flesh and released a sigh when she felt the slick nubbin beneath her fingers.
“God damn, Rox. Watching you touch yourself is so fucking hot,” Nicholas said in a low rasp. He squeezed her tits together and tweaked both nipples at the same time.

The friction pushed Roxanna over the edge. She shamelessly and savagely
bucked against him and threw her head back. A primal sound escaped from her throat and she was thankful that two floors separated her room from the rest of the house. She felt his body tense beneath her and she tilted her head back down in time to see Nicholas bare his teeth and squeeze his eyes shut.

She collapsed against his chest in a sweaty, panting mess. She let her head come to rest at the base of his throat. Their bodies were still entwined. She felt his cock give one last twitch inside her before she carefully lifted her hips. They released a simultaneous moan at the exquisite pleasure as he slid out of her wet depths. She pressed a kiss to his collarbone and tasted his warm salty skin.
“Do you want to tell me why we waited over thirty years to do that?”


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