My Sexy Valentine #MSS128 Steamy Excerpt from Indelible Love by @AuthorAriel

It’s that time again, time for the weekly blog hop My Sexy Saturday.

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Each week, the theme is sexy, but of course this week is extra sexy, because it’s all about Valentine’s Day!

Read my seven paragraphs and then be sure to drop by the next blog in the hop!

Indelible LoveBlurb

He has consumed my thoughts. His intensity has pulled me apart and put me back together again. I never thought I was capable of love. I never expected to find a mate, but I’ve claimed Ryan as mine and his love has left a permanent mark on me.


My Sexy Seven Paragraphs

Being a vampire had its advantages. I knew what he wanted from me without a word from him. He didn’t just want me, he wanted Mistress Lilah.

“You greedy. Insatiable. Little. Slave.”

I strutted toward him, an exaggerated switch in my hips emphasizing each word. My dominatrix gear was put away. Tonight I wore black skinny jeans and a black off the shoulder blouse.

Standing over him I could hear his heart racing. Adrenaline and lust coursed through him. I closed my eyes a moment and let the sensations of his intense aura wash over me.

It surged through me. While it was potent, I’d learned to deal with it. This ordinary human held extraordinary energy. Ryan didn’t fully understand the power he wielded.

Shit, I still had trouble wrapping my mind around the power he wielded.

He grinned up at me from bed as I slipped my pants off.

“Ooooh, you’re going commando.”

“Underwear is completely overrated.”

Indelible Love is out today. It’s the final installment in #TheIndelibleSeries. Start with the first story Indelible Lust, just .99 pennies!

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