#MSS126~A Sexy Vampire~Steamy Excerpt from Indelible Lust

This week I’m participating in the weekly blog hop My Sexy Saturday. This week’s theme is A Sexy Vampire and I’ve never written a vampire sexier than Mistress Lilah.

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Not only is she a vampire, but she’s also a dominatrix *insert whip noise here* 😉 Today I’m sharing a scene from book one in #TheIndelibleSeries, Indelible Lust.

Below you’ll find the blurb and seven sexy paragraphs showcasing Mistress Lilah doing her sexy dominatrix thaaaang!

Indelible Lust Final CoverI’m drawn to him. An incredible energy pulses around him. He may only be a human, but Ryan Baxter is far from ordinary. He incites a lust within me like no other. A lust that threatens to unleash the primal urge I’ve kept locked away for over two hundred years…
Indelible Lust is the first novella in a short trilogy set around the complex love triangle between a Dominatrix vampire named Mistress Lilah, Jeremiah, the smoldering male D/s switch sub she frequently scenes with and Ryan, the sexy but tortured bisexual male sub they share but ultimately both want for themselves.

*This book contains scenes of male/male sex, anal sex and BDSM/sexual domination. For 18+ mature readers only.

Seven Sexy Paragraphs

“Who’s been bad at this party?” I asked in a sultry command.

I emphasized my question with a crack of my whip against the hardwood floor. The handful of men in attendance turned their attention toward me. Their postures changed immediately. Gone were the relaxed looks on their faces and smiles. I had their undivided attention and I loved it.

I could feel the energy in the room change along with their expressions and posture. The scent of lust permeated the air with its sensuous sultry smell like sandalwood and musk. The red haze covered the air like smoke. A close second to the lust in the atmosphere was anxiety. These men were eager. They couldn’t wait to see what I would do next.

With my whip still in my hand, dangling at my side, I strutted to the center of the room. I cracked the leather against the floor once again causing several men in the group to startle in their seats.

“Jeremiah, she’s fucking amazing,” one of them whispered to their host.

“Don’t talk unless I’ve given you permission.” I cracked my whip and the tip of it came within inches of his feet. The man who’d made the offense sat up straighter and leaned back until his shoulders met the couch cushions. With all their eyes on me, I bent slowly at the waist. My arms stretched down until my hands caressed my ankle.

I preened for them.

Those that weren’t sitting directly in front of me and getting an eyeful of my cleavage were watching from the side, taking in the delicious curve of my ass as I leaned forward. I slowly ran my fingers up my ankle, across my shin, over my knee and along the length of my thigh. I stared directly into the eyes of the man who’d been so brazen as to comment without my permission first.

“You may lick my boots, slave.”

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Don’t stop now, keep this blog hop going. Visit the other blogs participating in this week’s My Sexy Saturday  http://mysexysaturday.blogspot.com/2016/01/a-sexy-vampire-mysexysaturday.html (Mistress Lilah would you want you to, and you don’t want to make her angry, now do you?)

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