#MSS125 My Sexy Shifter~Hot Excerpt from Red


Today I’m participating in the weekly blog hop My Sexy Saturday.

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This week’s theme is My Sexy Shifter and the werewolf in Red is definitely sexy.

Red is an erotic retelling of Red Riding Hood, but instead of a big, bad wolf there’s a hot, lickable werewolf named Luke.

Enjoy the blurb and the seven paragraphs from Red.

Recently dumped and unemployed Jo May returns to her grandmother’s cabin on the Michigan Upper Peninsula to find her childhood friend Luke Herrera has transformed from an awkward lanky boy to a confident handsome man. As a snow storm rolls in off of Lake Superior the two become trapped together in the cabin. Alone in the close quarters, desires unfold and secrets come to light.  When Jo learns what Luke really is, can she accept that she might be snowed in with a dangerous mythological predator?

7 Paragraphs

He raised his head from my breast and reared back. He gritted his straight white teeth and released a guttural growl. And that’s when I saw them.

His teeth had changed.

They were bigger, the canines longer and sharper. He looked down at me. As our gazes connected, his eyes were luminescent. They glowed. A rich golden hue, like twin candle flames.

My heart raced and I tried to break free from his hold. I raised my hands to his chest and tried to push, but it was all in vain. He was a wall of solid muscle. Plus, a layer of sweat coated his skin, causing my grip to slide.

He began to tremble all over and a sound emanated from his core. I shrank away from him and managed to escape his hold. By the time Luke rolled off of the mattress and put his feet on the floor, his entire body was shuddering. He walked across the cabin toward the kitchenette.

I sat up in the bed and pulled the sheets up to my chest. One thing was clear; whatever was happening to Luke wasn’t natural. The way his eyes glowed wasn’t of this earth. It wasn’t human.

As if on cue with my thoughts, Luke’s bulky frame disappeared from sight.

In his place stood a furry four-legged beast. I recognized the thick black pelt and golden eyes of the wolf I’d seen in the woods hours earlier. Just like when I’d been in the woods, the sight of the beast left me oddly calm rather than frightened.

Now I knew why. The animal I was looking at was Luke. He was my friend. He was a gorgeous man and an incredible lover. My brain tried to process what my eyes had seen and what my gut was telling me.

He was also a wolf? Like a shape-shifter?

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