Saturday Spankings 1/23 Excerpt from Her Dominant Boss

It’s Saturday, it must be time for a spanking! No, I’m not going to spank your bottom, you naughty reader (although I’m sure you’re due one) 😉

Saturday Spankings

Today I’m participating in the Saturday Spankings blog hop. Please enjoy this excerpt from Her Dominant Boss.

Emily Cabrera can’t help fantasizing about her sexy boss Alex. Writing her dirty thoughts in her journal is the only way she can keep her hands off him. Then the journal goes missing and she worries it might have fallen into the wrong hands. When a chance after hours encounter at the office turns into a night of the hot sex her fantasies are made of, she realizes her dominant boss has a few fantasies of his own and he has every intention of acting them out.

8 Sentence Excerpt

He slid in an inch, maybe two. My cunt clenched around him, as though greedily wanting more. He pushed in deeper and held himself still a moment, giving my body stretch around his impressive girth.

“You’re so tight and I’m not even all the way inside you yet.”

I tilted my ass up slightly, to adjust our fit. He slapped my ass, making me grow even slicker around him.

“I’ll have none of that, miss.”

As though to punish me, he slid into me, balls deep.

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Keep this blog hop going, visit the other authors, you know you want to read more spanking scenes ’cause you’re insatiable like that!


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