Mistress Lilah’s Guide to Becoming a Confident Woman

How to be confident-in a nutshell

In case you didn’t know–maybe you’ve spent your life on an isolated ranch in Montana–or maybe no one’s ever told you, but confidence is sexy as hell.

Or maybe you’re like a lot of women I’ve met. You know this already because once upon a time you believed it to be true.

You started out with confidence, you know, way back when. Before that bastard broke your heart. Before that jerk told you that you’re not good in bed. Before that job you had to take to pay your bills sucked the life right out of you. Before you were lied to, cheated on and generally disrespected and mistreated.

At some point, before you trudged through unspeakable amounts of bullshit, you were a confident, assured woman. You were sexy as hell and you had no problem letting those around you know it.

But life got in the way, chaos bulldozed its way in and little by little you let it take pieces of you with it. There’s no denying that life gets messy and disruptive.

Shit happens. If it didn’t, that charming little two word sentence wouldn’t carry so much weight.

While it’s true that there is no way around the shit that happens, at least not for mere mortals, it’s also true that you don’t have to let said shit happen all over your fabulous self.

Don’t let it break you, don’t let it steal your shine. I’d say don’t let it change you, but again, change is inevitable for mere mortals, so let it change you, but only for the better.

Let it make you stronger and by extension, let it boost your confidence, not break it. Be proud of the shit you’ve gone through, toss that head back and flash that megawatt smile.

Like confidence, defiance when done in the right way, can be all kinds of sexy. So defiantly get back up after someone tries to knock you down. Don’t let them get the satisfaction of thinking they’ve defeated you. Nope, they didn’t defeat you. Cause you got up, flashed them a smile like you didn’t have a care in the world and strutted your incredibly sexy ass away.

Oh, and while you’re sashaying away, be sure you’re wearing your hottest pair of heels. A woman can seldom go wrong in a pair of black stiletto thigh boots ;).

Mistress who?

Okay, so hopefully I got your attention with the above post and pulled you out of any sort of funk you might have been in. Seriously, stop obsessing that your latest Facebook post only received 5 likes or that you gained 7 pounds over the holidays. You are so much more than your social media status or any number on a scale.

Sure, that’s easy for me to say.

I’m an author.  READ: I tell people made up stories for a living.

That’s why the title of this post is Mistress Lilah’s Guide to Becoming a Confident Woman, not mine.

Mistress Lilah is seriously the most fun, bad ass character I’ve ever written. I hesitate to say I’ve created her, because she really feels like she is her own being that chose me to share her story with the world.

Lilah is a dominatrix, but she’s also a vampire (hence the reason she kept referencing “mere mortals” above). Lilah’s no ordinary blood sucker. Oh hell no. She’s an empathic vampire, meaning she primarily feeds on human emotions and pain rather than blood.

So, of course she’s a fem domme. I mean, can you think of a better way to get human emotions and pain than inflicting it on people?

She’s also beautiful. Picture a kick-ass version of pin-up queen Bettie Page.  Lilah oozes confidence.

But, don’t take my word for it, you can meet her for yourself. Indelible Lust, book one in #TheIndelibleSeries, is out now for only .99 and Indelible Claim comes out this week!

Indelible Lust Final CoverI’m drawn to him. An incredible energy pulses around him. He may only be a human, but Ryan Baxter is far from ordinary. He incites a lust within me like no other. A lust that threatens to unleash the primal urge I’ve kept locked away for over two hundred years…
Indelible Lust is the first novella in a short trilogy set around the complex love triangle between a Dominatrix vampire named Mistress Lilah, Jeremiah, the smoldering male D/s switch sub she frequently scenes with and Ryan, the sexy but tortured bisexual male sub they share but ultimately both want for themselves.

*This book contains scenes of male/male sex, anal sex and BDSM/sexual domination. For 18+ mature readers only.

You can purchase Indelible Lust at Amazon US, Amazon UKAmazon CA, All Romance eBooks, Kobo and Nook.



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