My Sexy Saturday 121~Her Sexy Fantasy~ #MSS121 Her Dominant Boss by @AuthorAriel

I just love it when things fall in line and work out smoothly. Take this week’s My Sexy Saturday theme for example–Her Sexy Fantasy–is perfect for my forthcoming release Her Dominant Boss.

My Sexy Saturday Page Header #3

This story is all about the steamy chemistry between a boss and secretary, who hasn’t had a fantasy (or two, or three) about their sexy bosses at some point?

Her Boss 2In my forthcoming short BDSM romance, Her Dominant Boss, the story begins with a scene when Emily writes in her journal, describing a fantasy scenario in which her boss Alex has her bound and craving the pleasure only he can give to her.

Below you’ll find my seven paragraphs, then be sure to keep the hop going by visiting the other authors participating in My Sexy Saturday.

“Turn around and put your hands behind your back,” he commanded.

I turned then rested them above my bare ass. I thrust my hands toward him, and allowed him to bind my wrists together with an extension cord. Once he’d wound the device around several times, I tested my restraints. I couldn’t move my hands. He had me right where he wanted me.

I was under his complete and total control.

My clit pulsed and my pussy went wet at the submissive position. I was topless, clad only in my black lace thong, thigh-high stockings and black leather heels. He on the other hand was fully dressed, further demonstrating our roles.

Dominant and submissive.

I shifted my weight and I felt the wet lace material glide against my smooth, hairless cleft. God, I wanted him. I wanted him inside me, fucking me hard, pounding into my slick cunt with sure, powerful thrusts.

“Hold still.”

I did as he commanded. He was still standing behind me, the solid wall of his chest pressed against my shoulders. Through his trousers I could feel the hard length of his erection digging into the soft flesh of my ass cheek. His cock was fucking huge. And I wanted every inch of it.


Her Dominant Boss comes out on Friday, December 18.


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