MSS Our Sexy Halloween RED by @AuthorAriel

This week’s My Sexy Saturday blog hop is extra special, because it falls on Halloween.

My Sexy Saturday Page Header #3

The 7 sexy sentences I’m sharing today are from my short paranormal Red, an erotic retelling of Red Riding Hood.

Please enjoy the blurb and excerpt and then be sure to keep the hop going by visiting the other blogs participating in this weekly hop.

REDARECoverRecently dumped and unemployed Jo May returns to her grandmother’s cabin on the Michigan Upper Peninsula to find her childhood friend Luke Herrera has transformed from an awkward lanky boy to a confident handsome man. As a snow storm rolls in off of Lake Superior the two become trapped together in the cabin. Alone in the close quarters, desires unfold and secrets come to light. When Jo learns what Luke really is, can she accept that she might be snowed in with a dangerous mythological predator?

Here are my 7 Sentences that play up the spooky Halloween theme this week.

He gritted his straight white teeth and released a guttural growl. And that’s when I saw them.
His teeth had changed.
They were bigger, the canines longer and sharper. He
looked down at me. As our gazes connected, his eyes were luminescent. They glowed.
Read RED in its entirety for just .99 at All Romance, Amazon, B&N.

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