We’re Sexy HOT! @MySexySaturday #MSS100 Excerpt from The Dom Next Door by @authorariel

Today, it’s the 100th week of the My Sexy Saturday blog hop.

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It’s so cool to be a part of this hop on this very special week. I’m sharing an excerpt from my short The Dom Next Door, because few things are sexier or hotter than a powerful Dom when he’s in complete control.

Without further ado, here’s the blurb and my sexy hot 7 sentences.

AREDomCvrViolet Hendrix is a writer stuck in a rut. Behind deadline on a manuscript and struggling with writer’s block, she tries people-watching as a way to jump-start her creativity. With her writing career on the line, and an inability to put words on the page, Violet becomes an obsessive voyeur. There’s no one she’s more interested in watching than Jack Riley, the commanding Dom who lives in the building next to hers.

As she admires him from afar, she begins to fantasize about being his submissive. When a chance encounter leads to an evening together, she has the opportunity to turn her submissive fantasy into reality. Can she submit to the Dom next door and surrender to pleasure?

“Violet, you force me to move on to the more aggressive methods a bit sooner than I’d hoped. You’ll get an extra lashing for that.”

The tongues of leather from the flogger grazed the side of my cheeks, first my right then the left in a sweeping figure-eight. He used the device to strike me again and I bit my lip. My fantasy was being fulfilled, Jack had gone from being my mild-mannered neighbor, to the experienced Dom I’d known he was inside.

Jack—Master Jay—continued his expert whipping and I gave myself over completely. I got lost in the exquisite prickling of pain from the leather, lost in the rhythm of the flogger’s tails against my ass, lost in the tingle and heat that spread across my skin.

The Dom Next Door is available now at

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Don’t stop reading now! Keep this sexy hot blog hop going! http://www.mysexysaturday.blogspot.com/2015/07/were-sexy-hot-mysexysaturday.html


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