#MSS99 Keeping It Sexy #Saturday 7 Indelible Lust Excerpt by @AuthorAriel

This week I’m taking part in the weekly hop My Sexy Saturday.

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Today I’m sharing a snippet from my forthcoming release Indelible Lust, book one in #TheIndelibleSeries.

Indelible Lust Final CoverHere’s the blurb

I’m drawn to him. An incredible energy pulses around him. He may only be a human, but Ryan Baxter is far from ordinary. He incites a lust within me like no other. A lust that threatens to unleash the primal urge I’ve kept locked away for over two hundred years…
Indelible Lust is the first novella in a short trilogy set around the complex love triangle between a Dominatrix vampire named Mistress Lilah, Jeremiah, the smoldering male D/s switch sub she frequently scenes with and Ryan, the sexy but tortured bisexual male sub they share but ultimately both want for themselves.

The story is about two very different relationships Lilah, the Domme, has with smoldering bad boy Jeremiah and sweet, tortured Ryan. In keeping with the #MSS99 theme, I’m sharing the moment when Jeremiah makes his first appearance in the book. I think his hotness is pretty evident, once you read the following excerpt!

I hope you enjoy.

Here’s my #Saturday7

More so than blood, complex human emotions sustained me. I still fed and enjoyed the occasional sanguine delight, but the inherent power within an individual’s soul made a greater impact with my kind. A new energy field entered the space Stacey and I occupied. The murky, potent fog slithered across the floor like a supernatural serpent. Even if my peripheral vision hadn’t caught the line of charcoal fog entering the room, the heady mix of espresso, cigar smoke and expensive cognac would’ve alerted me to his presence.

“Lilah, I’m done for the day. We’re still on for tonight, right?”

My client’s aura went from lavender to scarlet. Her adrenaline and body temperature surged. I recognized another state take place in her body. Arousal. Jeremiah Lambert had that effect on women. And some men. Just as his essence and scent indicated, hedonism was what he was all about. He embodied that not only with his energy field, but his looks and swagger broadcasted his message loud and clear. Sex. Excess. Anything goes. I lifted my foot from the pedal control on the tattoo machine and tore my gaze away from Stacey. Jeremiah’s piercing blue eyes were trained on me. He wore his typical work ensemble, a tight-fitting T­-shirt—in black today—and well-­worn jeans.

“Hey, Jeremiah. I’ll see you later. You said around seven-thirty?”

“Yeah, you know the party doesn’t start until you get there, Li.” He looked at me through hooded lids. A smirk played on his full lips.

I could sense the jealousy being projected at me from my client. I didn’t blame her. On the surface, it seemed like Jeremiah was flirting with me. We had a very unique relationship and his words carried a double meaning. Jeremiah and I not only worked together at Indelible Ink, but we had a relationship outside of the shop. Occasionally the relationship was sexual. Jeremiah wanted it to be more frequently than it was. I liked fucking him, but we worked together and we had a much more intimate connection than being tattoo artists at Indelible Ink.

Jeremiah was a switch. He liked being a Dom, but I refused to sub for anyone. I was strictly a dominatrix. Most of the time when we scened together, it didn’t end with intercourse. We each got something very different from our role-playing, but it was something that we both needed. The type of energy and raw power I could harness when I was in my role as a Domme contained a magnetism of its own. There was nothing like putting on my leather, slipping on some stilettos and wielding a riding crop in my hand. Being Mistress was a role I was well suited for.

“Jeremiah, go act smug elsewhere. I need to finish up this tattoo before my next appointment gets here.”

I turned my attention back to my client. Without lifting my head, I knew that he’d left the room. Everything about the atmosphere changed, although I could still sense Stacey’s jealousy. I set down my tattoo gun then started cleaning her skin. A different emotion flowed from her. Admiration, with its sickeningly sweet candy scent filled my nostrils.

“You’re so lucky,” she sighed.

“What makes you say that?”

“Please, that guy is so hot.” Stacey jerked her chin toward the parlor lobby where Jeremiah stood speaking to a man. “Not only is he hot, but he’s completely into you. I can see why. You’re like a kick ass version of Bettie Page.”

Her compliment was something I’d heard before. I never tired of the comparison to the original pin-­up queen. With my blue eyes, long black hair and thick bangs I did bear a striking resemblance to the bombshell. Actually, I’d modeled my appearance after her, since she was one of the first famous bondage models.

Indelible Lust is available for pre-order from Amazon for a special introductory price of only 99 cents. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B010EP2ZS0

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